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Mitchell College Quick Resource Guide

Need to know how to connect, who to contact, where to go? Here’s your Quick Guide! And remember, if you’re not sure, contact Mitchell College Advising, and they can connect you to the right resource!

Learn More: mitchell.edu/advising
Contact: advising@mitchell.edu
Location: Duques Center, 2nd Floor


Cores & Concentrations:
Academic Calendar:
First Year Experience:
Jen Welsh at fye@Mitchell.edu
Faculty Contacts:
Honors Program:
Registrar (student records and course registration):

Academic Support

Academic Coaching for Empowerment (ACE) is a fee-based professional individualized coaching program designed to: identify and eliminate obstacles that impact student success.
Learn More/Apply: mitchell.edu/academic-support
Contact: Alice Murallo, Assistant Director
murallo_a@mitchell.edu or 860-701-3531

The Bentsen Learning Center (BLC) offers fee-based comprehensive academic support for students with diagnosed learning differences and ADHD.
Learn More/Apply: mitchell.edu/support
Contact: Alice Murallo, Assistant Director
murallo_a@mitchell.edu or 860-701-3531
Location: Duques Center 311

Accessibility Services
Accessibility Services is committed to ensuring that no qualified student, on the basis of his/her disability, will be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subject to discrimination under any College program or activity.
Learn More: mitchell.edu/access
Contact: Antaya Lee, Accessibility Services Coordinator
accessibility@mitchell.edu or 860-701-5790
Location: Duques Center 308

The Tutoring Center
The Tutoring Center is free (limitations may apply) and staffed by professionals in their respective subjects. Tutoring appointements for Fall 2020 will be remote only. Please make an appointment via STARFISH in the student portal at mitchell.edu/students.

Writing Help
Students may get help outlining, drafting, and revising essays 24/7 through tutor.com. Review how to access here. Contact: Meredith Adler, Assistant Director of FYE at adler_m@mitchell.edu or 860-701-5079.


The Mitchell College Office of Advising is a central part of the student success network, coordinating with departments campus-wide to offer a holistic approach in how we support and challenge you as a student! Your advisor is your “go-to” for information regarding an expansive repertoire of resources at the College designed to help you succeed!

Learn More: mitchell.edu/advising
Contact: advising@mitchell.edu
Location: Duques Center, 2nd Floor

Athletics & Fitness

Walk-on tryouts 
Contact the coach of the sport you are interested in!
Learn more/Athletics Staff Directory: mitchellathletics.com

Fan Zone
Mitchell is a member of NCAA Division III and has 12 Varsity teams for you to cheer on! View Mariners game schedules at:

All are welcome to participate, regardless of past experience or current skill level!
Learn more: mitchell.edu/intramurals
Contact: Drew Schaeffer, Intramurals Director at

Fitness Center Hours

Bookstore & Gear Store

Get all your Mitchell gear and supplies online!

Learn More/Shop for Books: mitchell.edu/bookstore

Learn More/Shop for Gear: mitchellgear.com

Campus Map

Find your way around campus at mitchell.edu/campus-map.

Campus News & Events

Keep up to date on College news and the campus calendar of events!



Campus Safety

Our staff of professional campus safety officers provides campus security for the Mitchell College community 24/7. Visit the campus safety website for tips, hotlines, parking information, and more.

Learn More: mitchell.edu/campus-safety
Contact: mcsafety@mitchell.edu, 860-443-0214 or 860-941-9316
Location: Nathan Hale 105


Work-Study/Campus Jobs

Contact: Traci Santos, Payroll & Benefits Administrator, santos_t@mitchell.edu or 860-701-3529

Contact: Crystal Simmons, Associate Director of Admissions, simmons_c@mitchell.edu or 860-701-5202

Integrative Career Development (ICD)/Internships
Learn More: mitchell.edu/icd
Contact: Paul Dunn, ICD Coordinator, dunn_p@mitchell.edu, 860-701-7739


Social Media Channels
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Campus News
Campus Calendar

COVID-19 Resources & Response Plan

For resources and current information on the College’s COVID Response Plan, visit mitchell.edu/adjusting-our-sails.

Financial Matters

Your financial support team is here to answer questions!

Paying your statement balance:
Learn More: mitchell.edu/cost-and-aid/
Contact: Student Financial Services Team at bursar@mitchell.edu
Location: Henry Hall

Financial Aid:
Learn More: mitchell.edu/financial-aid
Contact: Kelby Chappelle at chappelle_k@mitchell.edu
or Elise Kauffman at kauffman_e@mitchell.edu
Location: Henry Hall

First Year Experience

FYE is designed to help you transition successfully into college! Our team of advisors, mentors, professors and others helps you discover your personal strengths, build your toolbox to succeed and navigate the Mitchell journey that is distinctly yours!

Learn More: mitchell.edu/fye
Contact: Jennifer Welsh, Director of First Year Experience at fye@mitchell.edu or 860-701-3514
Location: Duques Center, 1st Floor

Food/Dining Services

Milner Dining Hall (Clarke Center) is a full service, all you care to eat dining option.

Market Café (Clarke Center) features made to order wraps and salads, local roast coffee, on the go meals and snacks, convenience items, classroom supplies, and toiletries.

Michael’s Dairy Try every ice cream flavor to find your favorite! Now also featuring specialty coffee and teas and open year-round. Hours: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelsDairy/


Health & Wellness

The Mitchell College Health Clinic and Assessment Services meets students’ health needs, offering preventative and educational programs, workshops, assessments, and clinics.
Learn More: mitchell.edu/health-wellness
Contact: healthservices@mitchell.edu or
Health Clinic & Assessment Services Location: Yarnall Center, 2nd Floor


The Mitchell College Library offers staff support, access to all of our collections, and use of the library building, with some adjustments to ensure everyone’s health and safety.  During the quarantine period while you are learning online, the library can be accessed by appointment.  You may also request curbside pickup of books, technology, videos, and print jobs.

Learn More including Hours: mitchell.libguides.com

asklis@mitchell.edu or 860-701-5156 or online chat via the library website
Campus Map


The Mailroom is located in a white cottage next to Bingham Hall.
Hours: M-F, 9am-3pm

Michael's Dairy

Try every flavor to find your favorite! Open seasonally.
Hours: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelsDairy/


All resident and commuter students must obtain a parking permit to park on College property.
Learn More: mitchell.edu/campus-safety

Getting Around Town
No car? No worries! We have regional ride opportunities through Uber, Lyft, and local taxi services.

Performing Arts

All students are invited to try something new, or build on your experience and talents! Whether you’re interested in theater, select chorus, STEP team, dance, cheer, Radio Mitchell,  or music…there’s a place on stage, or behind the scenes, for you!
Audition & Performance Information: mitchell.edu/performing-arts

Theater Contact: Jonathan (Jono) Babbitt at babbitt_j@mitchell.edu

Music Contact: Jonathan (Jono) Babbitt at babbitt_j@mitchell.edu

Radio Mitchell Contact: Luke Walden, Faculty Advisor at walden_l@mitchell.edu

STEP Team Contact: Jonathan (Jono) Babbitt, Faculty Advisor at babbitt_j@mitchell.edu.

Dance/Cheer Contact: Jonathan (Jono) Babbitt, Faculty Advisor at babbitt_j@mitchell.edu.

Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs will connect you to fun activities year-round!
Learn More: mitchell.edu/life-at-mitchell
Instagram: @mccampuslife
Contact: Diane Miller, Executive Assistant for Student Affairs at miller_d@mitchell.edu or 860-701-5093

Campus Activities Board (CAB) – Student Led
Contact: cab@mitchell.edu

Student Government Association (SGA)
Contact: sga@mitchell.edu

Residence Life
Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) are trained professional staff members responsible for the overall supervision and management of an
assigned residence hall(s). Your RHD maintains scheduled office hours and is available to talk to you
about any problems or concerns.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper-class students who work closely with the residents on their floor(s) and throughout their assigned building. Your RA is your first contact for concerns; do not hesitate to contact your RA!

Learn More: mitchell.edu/life-at-mitchell

Student Code of Conduct

All Mitchell College students are bound to our Student Code of Conduct. This Code includes academic integrity, community standards and disciplinary process of the College. Current students need to log-in to view. 
View: mitchell.edu/students


Mitchell Office of Information Technology provides access to a 24/7 Technology Help Desk.
Contact: support@mitchell.edu, 860-701-5190

Title IX

Mitchell College is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment that is free from sexual misconduct and to addressing such misconduct when it occurs. The prohibition of sexual misconduct applies to everyone at Mitchell College, including all faculty members (including academic administrators), staff members (including non-academic administrators), students, trustees, alumni and all visitors to the Mitchell College campus. Visit Title IX.

A few words on fit.


"Fit” is the modern buzzword of the college search process. And frankly, rightly so. As you consider your college experience, we encourage you to look for a place that feels right. It’s also a good idea to make a list of the qualities and characteristics that make a college and you a winning combination.


If you are looking for a college that: 


  • Gets to know and understand each student as a uniquely talented individual

  • Identifies potential and encourages students in very intentional ways

  • Fosters growth in each student, giving them a foundation for life and career success

  • Is small enough to deliver on the promise of a personalized experience

  • Goes beyond “career services” and offers a progressive 4-year career development model, partnering with local businesses and nonprofits for professional experience

  • Promotes an inclusive culture that encourages students to experiment in new clubs and activities

  • Is nationally recognized for its academic support systems, from professional content tutors (not students) to proven comprehensive support for students with learning differences

  • Connects students to service opportunities that impact their world

  • Is in a location that offers access to New England’s natural places and some of America’s greatest cities




…Mitchell College delivers in a powerful way.

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