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Stock Transfer Instructions

Marketable securities held in a donor’s brokerage or trust account may be transferred to Mitchell College. Please use the Stock Transfer Instructions below. If you will be transferring stocks to Mitchell College, please instruct your broker, trust officer or financial adviser to electronically deliver the securities by DTC to:

All DTC-Eligible Securities Deliver to DTC Clearing:
8862 vs. Receipt-free
Mitchell College 818-03153

Physical delivery of securities:
Attn: Central Delivery 5th floor
570 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310
5951 5050

Broker: Merrill Lynch
Contact: David B. Smith, 1st Vice President

Phone: 617-946-4198
College Tax ID: 06-0662150
Account: Mitchell College 818-03153

Why Give to Mitchell?

Since 1938, Mitchell College has been committed to delivering world-class education that inspires students to uncover their passions and discover paths to future aspirations. Celebrating and developing the power of unique minds—a kaleidoscope of learners—our mission is to provide access to higher education for a widely diverse student body while offering unparalleled support and opportunity for students to achieve their goals.

This is an exciting time of growth and transformation at Mitchell College. Having recently received the largest donation in the College’s history (plus a challenge-match donation), we are embarking on a new strategic plan; strengthening our outreach in the community; building new partnerships; and aligning our programming with workforce, community and student needs.

These top-priority initiatives include:

  • New, improved and more market-responsive academic content
  • New Digital Innovation Hub 
  • New partners and a deeper integration into our community
  • Programs and projects supporting our new strategic plan 

There is much more to come, and we hope you will help us keep the momentum going and propel us forward by making a gift to Mitchell College. Below is a description of funds you can choose in making your gift.

Annual/Adaptability Giving Fund

The Annual/Adaptability Fund helps Mitchell carry out its mission, providing support for students’ needs from scholarships and financial aid to academic programming, student activities and internships.

North Star Scholarship

Your gift to the North Star Scholarship Fund provides financial aid that helps students alleviate some of their ongoing financial pressures, as well as the more recent uncertainties caused by economic impacts.

Performing Arts Fund

Your gift to the Performing Arts Fund directly supports the program and helps ensure students have the performance space and resources they need to be able to practice their craft — theater, dance and music — and perform for audiences who come to our campus.


The STAIRs (Skills Training, Advancement, and Individual Readiness) Program at Mitchell supports neurodivergent learners as they transition from college into the workforce or pursue an advanced degree. Through your gift of support to the STAIRs Fund you can help meet the most immediate needs of students in the program and make a fundamental difference in their life.


Your gift to the Mariner Club Fund helps by providing program resources that positively impact the Mariner student-athlete experience as they strive to succeed not only during competitions but also in the classroom and in the community.

Question about Giving? Contact Us

Kimberly (Kim) Hodges
Director of Advancement

Jocelyn Bromley
Stewardship Coordinator


SAVE ON YOUR TAXES—If you are above the age of 72 you can use your IRA Required Minimum Distribution to support your alma mater and take advantage of tax savings.

Giving to Mitchell College, Mitchell College

Michael C. DiZenzo ’14

Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance to a student for the kind of transformational experience that Michael had at Mitchell where he was involved joyfully in academics and extra-curricular activities.