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Mitchell College At A Glance


Mitchell College is a transformative and inclusive learning community. We create a radically supportive, empowering environment where each individual’s growth is nurtured and celebrated.

College Type

A nonprofit four-year coeducational, residential college offering bachelor degrees and associate degrees, Mitchell developed its distinct educational approach over 85 years, blending a tradition of mentoring with an expertise in teaching diverse learning styles to create the innovative Mitchell Ability Model. Through a journey of self-discovery, learning adaptability, four-year career development, and mastery of essential abilities, students are challenged, supported and equipped for lifelong success. Mitchell is committed to the broader community through building strong, creative and cooperative partnerships. Located on a beautiful waterfront campus in historic New London, it is also home to championship NCAA Division III athletics and highly sought-after Living & Learning support programs including Thames at Mitchell College, The Mystic Program, and the Bentsen Learning Center.


Mitchell College was founded in 1938.


Mitchell College was re-accredited for 10 years in 2023. Information available at

Location & Campus

Located in New London, CT, Mitchell College is a suburban, residential, coastal campus situated on the Thames River shoreline, one hour from Hartford and Providence and two hours from Boston and New York City. Our 68-acre campus includes two private beaches, athletic fields and the Mitchell Woods green space (woods, pond and walking trails). Campus buildings include multi-level classroom and administrative buildings, historic homes, an athletic building, performing arts spaces, dining areas, residence halls, The Red Barn, an event space for both the college and the community, and Michael’s Dairy, an old-fashioned ice cream shop serving New London residents and visitors.

Student Overview

Enrollment (Fall 2022)

Mitchell Students = 536 (463 full-time | 73 part-time)
Thames at Mitchell Students = 50


Read Mitchell College’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

  • 53% male | 47% female
  • 39% are students of color
  • 39% use accessibility services

  • 26.5% are first-generation college students (based on applicant data)

NCAA Division III Athletics

Learn more about our athletic programs.

  • 34% of students are athletes
  • 12 varsity sports
  • 20 conference championships (as of Spring 2023)

Performing Arts

Learn more about our Performing Arts program

  • 17% of students participate in Performing Arts

Financial Aid

  • 95% of all degree seeking students receive need or merit-based financial aid


  • 100% of graduates have completed at least one professional internship or career lab experience
  • 100% of our academic programs offer a professional internship experience
  • 100% of students participate in career development while on campus


  • 66% of full-time Mitchell College students live on campus

Student Outcomes

Data reported as of May 2022.

Degree Distribution

(Class of 2021)
Bachelor’s Degrees = 116 (87.2%)
Associate’s Degrees = 17 (12.8%)

SOURCE: IPEDS Completions Survey

Student Retention Rate

Fall 2017 = 60%
Fall 2018 = 63%
Fall 2019 = 70%
Fall 2020 = 64%
Fall 2021 = 65%

SOURCE: IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey

Based upon an incoming bachelor’s cohort of first-time, full-time, new freshmen students, and their subsequent return in Fall of the next academic year.

Graduation Rate

Fall 2012 = 45%
Fall 2013 = 43%
Fall 2014 = 59%
Fall 2015 = 41%
Fall 2016 = 62%

SOURCE: IPEDS Graduation Rates Survey

NOTE: Completion is defined by those who graduate within 150% of the time required by the program. For 2-year programs this is 3 years; for 4-year programs this is 6 years. The Mitchell College graduation rate for full-time, first-time, degree-seeking freshmen entering the institution in a fall cohort represents a “blended rate” which assigns those who receive both a 2-year degree and a 4-year degree to the 4-year degree-seeking cohort.

Transfer-Out Rate

Fall 2012 = 43%
Fall 2013 = 48%
Fall 2014 = 24%
Fall 2015 = 38%
Fall 2016 = 18%

SOURCE: Based on calculations made in accordance with IPEDS methodology using self-reported data from from students who left the college within 150% of the time required by the degree program.

NOTE: Transfer-Out and Graduation Rates for students receiving athletics-related Student Aid is not applicable to Mitchell College as the institution does not offer athletics-related student aid. (Student Right-to-Know Act)

Post-Graduate Support

Through our Integrative Career Development Program, Mitchell College provides career services, such as resume writing, interview preparation and career education to current students and alumni. While Mitchell College does not facilitate job placements, the college provides services to support students with conducting job searches. During their time at Mitchell, many students develop connections with employers through internships that lead to career opportunities.

Post-Graduate Plans

Class of 2020 2021
Employed 74% 57.4%
Continuing Education 30% 23%
Volunteering NA 2%
Seeking Employment 87% NA
Traveling NA 1.6%
Other 0 14.8%

SOURCE: Self-reported data from alumni surveys. 

Most Popular Careers/Employment Industries for Mitchell Graduates

  • Education
  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Sports & Fitness

SOURCE: Self-reported data from class of 2021 alumni survey.


Average Class Size

12 Students per Class

Student/Faculty Ratio



January MiniMester (2-week session)
May MiniMester (2-week session)

Course Catalog

Information about campus, programs and policies is contained in the Course Catalog


The college owns 68 acres that include two private beaches; athletic fields; The Red Barn meeting, event, and performing arts space; a pond and wooded trails (Mitchell Woods); historic homes and newer-construction administrative, instructional, athletic, and residential buildings.

Faculty & Staff

Visit Contact Us for the Faculty and Staff Directory


Mitchell College has been accredited since 1956 by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). NECHE is one of seven accrediting commissions in the United States that provide institutional accreditation on a regional basis. Accreditation is voluntary and applies to the institution as a whole. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, NECHE accredits approximately 220 institutions in the six-state New England region as well as several American-style institutions overseas.

Mitchell College was re-accredited for 10 years in 2023. To learn more about the accreditation process and the actions the College has undertaken you can download our Mitchell NECHE Self-Study Report 2023.

Tuition, Fees, Administration

Tuition & Fees

Click here to learn about tuition and fees.

Institutional Review Board

Click here to learn more about the Institutional Review Board.

Financial Summary

A financial summary is available on request. Please contact the Finance Office at 860-701-5111.


Mitchell College Board of Trustees, October 24, 2023
  • Mark Alberti, M.B.A.
  • Lucila Arango, Vice Chairperson, Parent ’14
  • Helene Banks, J.D.
  • Patrick J. Caulfield, Parent ‘15
  • Kevin Coleman, J.D. ’18
  • Richard D’Avino, J.D., Chairperson
  • Kerin Da Cruz
  • Nancy Dolan, ’74
  • Tracy Y. Espy, Ph.D., President
  • Jason Guyot, ’03
  • Andy Koha
  • Walter Kuhn, M.B.A., Parent ’20
  • Michael O’Connor, Parent ’18
  • Anne Bingham Pierson, M.D., Honorary Trustee
  • Barbara Pratt, M.B.A., Parent ’16
  • Charles Pratt, Parent ’16
  • Kim Ruffing, Ph.D., Parent ’16
  • Thomas Ruffing, M.E., M.B.A., Treasurer, Parent ’16
  • David Sandberg, M.B.A., Parent ’11
  • Mark Shoemaker, M. Arch., Parent ’18
  • Norman Solomon, Parent
  • Moish Tov
  • Marc Verbos
  • George White, D.Arts
  • Cornell Yarbrough, ’01


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