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The SAILS Program

Self-Advocacy and Interpersonal Life-Skills Support

About the SAILS Program

Grounded in the CASEL Framework, the Self-Advocacy and Interpersonal Life-Skills Support (SAILS) Program at Mitchell College helps students develop skills in environments that enhance their learning and development. The program implements a cohort learning model that focuses on and develops five core competencies:


Strengthening the ability to recognize one’s emotions, values, strengths, and areas of challenge

Responsible Decision Making
Developing skills to make strong personal and social behavior choices
Relationship Skills
Fostering positive relationships, self-advocacy, boundary setting, group work, and conflict resolution
Social Awareness
Building awareness to be empathetic and respectful to all members of the Mitchell College community
Managing emotions, behavior, time, and priorities to achieve personal goals
SAILS Program, Mitchell College

Program Content

Approximately 4 to 5 hours per week.

Weekly Check-ins*

Check-ins are with the Coordinator and Student Mentors (on alternating weeks). During this time, staff will check in with students to monitor social/emotional well-being, individual progress, social engagements, utilization of campus resources, and setting goals/areas of improvement.

Weekly Hangouts

The cohort will attend a weekly social event together each week during Year 1. During Semester 2/Year 2 and beyond, students can swap out a cohort event with an event of their choosing.


The cohort will participate in a SAILS-specific program or outing once a month.


Students will attend lunch or dinner once a week as a cohort with a member of the SAILS team (Coordinator or Student Mentors).


Seven workshops are held per semester* (Year 1), for approximately 1 workshop biweekly covering topics related to the core competencies.


*Number might be adjusted depending on individual student need.
**Number may be adjusted depending on cohort need.

Sample Timeline
Semester 1




1 Settling in and Making Connections Cohort Connections, Expectations, Social Engagement, Time Management
2–5 Foundations

Technology Review: Moodle, Outlook Calendars, Library, etc.

Social Engagement, Life Skills Programming (ex. Laundry 101, Microwave Meals, etc.)

6–8 Character Development Self-Awareness, Values, Self-Control, Empathy, and Growth Mindset
9–10 Relationship Skills Healthy Relationships, Interpersonal Skills
11–13 Communication Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution
14–16 End of Semester Review and Finals Prep

Semester Review and Reflections

Preparation for Following Semester

Semester 2
1 Settling Back In Refresh of Foundation (Campus Resources, Routines, Managements)
2–5 Problem Solving Making Strong Decisions, Problem-Solving Techniques, Management Skills
6–8 Civic Engagement Community, Advocacy, Service
8–10 Health and Wellness Nutrition, Balance, Movement, Mindfulness
10–13 Looking Ahead! Budgeting and Spending Plan, Career Interests
14–16 End of Semester Review and Finals Prep Semester Review and Reflections, Prep for Following Semester/Summer


SAILS Program Cost

The SAILS Program is a fee-based program. Cost for the 2023–2024 Academic Year:

$4,175 per semester

$8,350 per year

Note: Tuition, Room and Board are separate. Other fees may apply. For more information, visit

Program Staffing

The program is staffed by the SAILS Program Coordinator and two Program Mentors (Mitchell students).

SAILS Program, Mitchell College

Emily Smith, M.S.

SAILS Program Coordinator

Duques Center 207

SAILS Program, Mitchell College

Alicia Martinez, Ed.D., M.S.O.L.

Dean, Student Experience & Belonging Chief Student Affairs Officer

Duques Center

SAILS Program, Mitchell College