MiniMesters: Earn College Credits in Just 2 Weeks!

MiniMesters offer a unique opportunity to take a 2- to 4-credit college course in a compressed timeframe. These compact courses allow you to earn credits toward your degree, sharpen your professional skills or enjoy pursuing a passion. You don’t have to be enrolled as a student at Mitchell to take a class and the registration process is quick and easy.

MiniMester Sessions (January and May) are open to Mitchell College students and the public. All students are encouraged to discuss their course choices with an Academic Advisor BEFORE registering online. Internships during MiniMesters are available for current Mitchell students only and require prior permission.

Notes: Students are not permitted to take more than one class per MiniMester session due to the accelerated timeframe of these sessions. Non-Mitchell students must complete an enrollment process with their MiniMester registration in order to earn college credit.

2023 Session Dates

January MiniMester: January 3–14 (Saturdays are class days)
Winter Internships: December 20, 2022–January 14, 2023

May MiniMester: May 15–27 (Saturdays are class days)
Summer Internships: May 15–August 4

Program Costs


3 credits = $1,350
4 credits = $1,800
6 credits = $2,700

Optional Services

Bentsen Learning Center Assistance = $585 per course
Housing = $480
Meal Plan = $250 (3 meals during the week, 2 meals on weekends in Dining Hall)

NOTE: Students who are on a financial hold must pay all back balances before registering for a MiniMester course or Internship.

MiniMester Housing & Meal Plan

Current Resident Students

Students wishing to live on campus during the MiniMester—including those currently living in a Residence Hall—must apply for housing for the MiniMester. Resident students who register for a MiniMester class must get housing approval.* The cost for campus housing during the MiniMester is $480.

*Resident students who withdraw from their MiniMester class will be subject to a prorated room charge for days on campus. Those choosing to stay in their room after the end of the MiniMester will be charged the daily rate $40. Exceptions based on extenuating circumstances can be considered.

Commuter Students and Others Needing Housing during the MiniMester

Non-resident MiniMester applicants wishing to reside on campus for the MiniMester must complete a housing application. The cost for campus housing during the MiniMester is $480.

NOTE: Residence Halls are staffed during the MiniMester.

Housing Application

To secure housing for the MiniMester, fill out and submit the Housing Application by 5:00pm on Friday, May 5.

Meal Plan

A $250 meal plan is available during the MiniMester. The plan includes 3 meals on weekdays (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and 2 meals on weekends (brunch/dinner) in the campus Dining Hall, with weekly specials. Any unused Meal Plan value is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Minimester meal plans can be purchased on Mitchell Dining website.

COVID Guidelines

The latest COVID information for on-campus students is provided here.


Email: Registrar’s Office
Call: 860-701-5019 

MiniMester Registration

May Session: May 15–27, 2023 (Monday–Saturday, 12 Class Days)

Important Dates

Registration Opens: April 3, 2023
Last Day to Enroll: May 6, noon
Last Day to Withdrwaw with “W” Grade: May 24, noon

Students are encouraged to meet with their Academic Advisor BEFORE registering online. Course times, days and instructors are subject to change depending upon college needs. A course may be cancelled if insufficiently enrolled. Students enrolled in a course will be notified immediately upon the college decision to cancel a course. Note: Two 10-minute breaks are built in to each class day. All classes are Monday–Saturday unless noted differently.

Non-Mitchell students wishing to earn college credits will need to complete an enrollment process when registering for a MiniMester class using the “Other Registrants” button below. 

Contact the Registrar at:
860-701-5019 or

May 2023 Course Listing

NOTE: Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

Internship Registration

Summer Session: May 15–August 4, 2023 (13 weeks)

Important Dates

Registration Opens: April 3, 2023
Registration Closes: COMING SOON
Last Day to Enroll: May 17, noon
Last Day to Withdrwaw with “W” Grade: July 15, noon

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Integrative Career Development to discuss internship opportunities prior to registering online. Regardless of the actual length of an internship, courses encompass the entire 13 weeks and all hours/paperwork/grades are officially submitted in August.

Contact: Paul Dunn at,  860-701-7739