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Earn 3 Credits Online in Just 2 Weeks

MiniMesters offer a unique opportunity to take a college course in a compressed timeframe. Accelerate your degree, catch up on credits to graduate on time, or explore an interest outside of your area of study. MiniMester courses are offered online for convenience and flexibility.

Mitchell students have the potential to earn 3 credits per course, for up to 6 additional credits per year during the two MiniMester sessions, offered in January and May. (Due to the rigor of the coursework, students may only take one class per MiniMester session.) Students should discuss their choice of class with an Academic Advisor before registering online.

Courses are offered 100% online in a live, synchronous format (at a designated time with an instructor) to provide an engaging and supported classroom experience for our students. Classes are held Monday–Saturday (12 class days).

MiniMester Costs

Tuition: $1,350 per course ($450 per credit, 3 credits)

[REGISTRATION CLOSED] Early Registration Discount: $200 (register by April 15 at 5:00pm)

Academic Support: $585 per course

Bentsen Learning Center support is available during the MiniMester to students who are currently enrolled in the BLC program.

NOTE: Mitchell College students who are on a financial hold must pay all back balances before registering for a MiniMester course.

MiniMester Registration

Summer (May) Session

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Session Dates: May 13–25, 2024
Classes are held Monday–Saturday, 12 Class Days

Early Registration Deadline:
April 15 at 5:00pm ($200 DISCOUNT!)
Last Day to Enroll: May 14 at noon
Last Day to Withdraw with “W” Grade: May 23

Students are encouraged to meet with their Academic Advisor BEFORE registering online. Course times, days, and instructors are subject to change depending upon college needs. A course may be cancelled if insufficiently enrolled. Students enrolled in a course will be notified immediately upon the college decision to cancel a course.


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MiniMester Course Options

All courses earn 3 credits and are offered synchronously online at the specified times.

MAY SESSION (May 13–25)
Course # Course Name Course Description Instructor Start Time End Time Credits Mode of Delivery
AR280 Digital Photography This course will provide students with an understanding of techniques and trends in contemporary digital photography, as both a medium for self-expression and a tool for use in capturing images. The basic concepts and terminology of traditional photography, composition, color theory, lighting methods, and equipment are covered in the context of planning and capturing images. Students learn to plan, compose, and optimize image captures destined for digital media, and print. The student must possess a device that contains a digital camera. Adam Campos 1:00pm 4:30pm 3 Online
BS351 Grad School & Beyond Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status. Thinking about graduate school? This course is intended for upper-division students in all majors. Students will examine the grad school selection process, required entrance exams, résumé/CV creation, and other topics. This will be an active, intensive, participation-oriented seminar intended for students who are seriously considering applying to graduate school. Dre Goode 5:30pm 9:00pm 3 Online
CJ199 Murderers Among Us: Examining True Crime Stories In the United States, roughly 45 people are murdered each day. For nearly half these murder victims, their homicide will remain unsolved, and a murderer will not be identified. In the span of this course, students will immerse themselves in the world of true crime and learn about history’s most mysterious unsolved murder cases.  Tim Daty 10:30am 2:00pm 3 Online
CO199 Understanding Social Media  This introductory course offers students an understanding of social media. Students will understand functions, audiences, and media for different platforms with relevant demographics and statistics. The social context of social media will include elements of #hashtags, social justice, ethical uses, political influence, advertising, and how interaction influences social media. This course will challenge students to research, connect and investigate a wide range of topics in social media and digital citizenship. Ron Samul 5:30pm 9:00pm 3 Online
CW102 College Writing & Research

Prerequisite: CW101 (C grade or better), the equivalent, or permission of the instructor. This course reinforces the skills taught in CW101 while introducing students to the procedures of academic and professional research. Assignments will emphasize information literacy skills needed  to find and evaluate appropriate sources, and proper documentation of sources, as well as writing to analyze and synthesize ideas and incorporate information from sources in support of an original thesis. A minimum grade of C is required for graduation 

Megan Swanson 9:30am 1:00pm 3 Online
PY216 Psychology of Well-Being

The application of psychology has traditionally focused on "making miserable people less miserable" (Seligman, 2004).  However, a new era of psychology has shifted toward utilizing the science of the discipline to "improve normal lives".  In this course, you will critically consider the principles of positive psychology and apply evidence-based interventions to enhance your own psychological well-being as you think about what really causes happiness.  

Tara Broccoli 1:00pm 4:30pm 3 Online