Playing to Your Strengths

Seeing your potential and developing you as a unique individual


“The support at Mitchell College was a big draw for me coming here. The connections with the professors are so important… if you need something done, they are willing to help you.”

Gillian MacLellan ’20

No college will work harder to get to know you, support you and help you uncover your talents and interests.

It’s time to explore what makes you distinct, what special talents you bring to the table. Starting with your very first weeks on campus, we create opportunities to discover where you excel, how you learn best and the work that inspires you! We encourage you to stretch and test yourself and take risks — giving you the individualized support Mitchell College is known for. Where else can you find your team, your voice, your community? At Mitchell, you develop your abilities, skills, adaptability and confidence…and we back you every step of the way. 

Four-Year Career Development

With our distinctive Mitchell Ability Model and Integrative Career Development (ICD) program, learning – and networking – extends beyond the classroom from your first semester on campus. Working with our academic and career specialists and by partnering with leading Southeastern Connecticut organizations through ICD, students get…

– assessment of your individual strengths and skills

– professional development working one-on-one with our career specialists to craft a compelling resume, practice interviewing skills, and build confidence

– behind the scenes observation, job shadows and hands-on career experiences at regional employer sites, non-profits, research institutions and schools

– first-year through last-year networking opportunities

– one or more internship or on-campus career lab experiences guided by faculty – helping create pathways to regional employment


It’s real-world. It’s relevant. It’s immersive. And we will prepare you well for engaged citizenship in Southeastern Connecticut—and beyond.

“There is something in the air on this campus—you just want to be here! You want to be in a club, you want to play a sport, you want to just be a part of what makes Mitchell, Mitchell.”

-Francesca Pinard  | Alum ’19

“There is something in the air on this campus—you just want to be here! You want to be in a club, you want to play a sport, you want to just be a part of what makes Mitchell, Mitchell.”

-Francesca Pinard  | Alum ’19

“Working with the faculty really helped me zero in on my strengths, where my values lay, and what I really wanted for my purpose.”

Sarah Turner ’16,
Liberal & Professional Studies – Individualized


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A few words on fit.


"Fit” is the modern buzzword of the college search process. And frankly, rightly so. As you consider your college experience, we encourage you to look for a place that feels right. It’s also a good idea to make a list of the qualities and characteristics that make a college and you a winning combination.


If you are looking for a college that: 


  • Gets to know and understand each student as a uniquely talented individual

  • Identifies potential and encourages students in very intentional ways

  • Fosters growth in each student, giving them a foundation for life and career success

  • Is small enough to deliver on the promise of a personalized experience

  • Goes beyond “career services” and offers a progressive 4-year career development model, partnering with local businesses and nonprofits for professional experience

  • Promotes an inclusive culture that encourages students to experiment in new clubs and activities

  • Is nationally recognized for its academic support systems, from professional content tutors (not students) to proven comprehensive support for students with learning differences

  • Connects students to service opportunities that impact their world

  • Is in a location that offers access to New England’s natural places and some of America’s greatest cities




…Mitchell College delivers in a powerful way.

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