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Thames at Mitchell: A Roadmap to Post-High School Success

Thames at Mitchell College is a holistic program designed to help students ease into life after high school with supportive faculty and a strong social network. Whether your student has a learning difference or simply needs additional preparation before college, Thames has the resources and offerings needed for transformative growth.

Thames students take personalized courses, experience college campus life, and gain social confidence within a highly individualized environment focused on independence and leadership skills.

The journey to post-high school success happens at Mitchell College, a small private college that has been long-recognized for its innovative support for students with learning differences.

What Type of Student Benefits from Thames?

No student is the same—they embody a wide range of characteristics, learning styles, interests, goals, and perspectives. That’s why Thames is proud to welcome—and celebrate— the power of unique minds. The Thames program can be a great fit for students who are:

  • Neurodivergent
  • Diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
  • Seeking independence
  • Looking to increase self-confidence but motivated to succeed
  • Navigating learning differences or medical issues
  • Coming out of a high-school supported program


At Thames at Mitchell College, we’ll  prepare your student to confidently take on new educational or life transitions.

Thames students will:

  • Build executive functioning skills
  • Earn up to 15 college credits
  • Benefit from regular one-on-one advising
  • Learn strategies for success
  • Participate in social events and activities
  • Experience living away from home
Here, we specialize in integrating academic and social learning courses and supports.


The Thames program is made up of both credit and non-credit courses. Thames students dive into a personalized, pre-college experience
by following a course schedule that mirrors a college freshman schedule.
Courses include:
  • Introduction to College Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Executive Functioning
  • Social Seminar

Tuition & Fees

Learn more about tuition & fees, making a deposit and paying your bill at

CTake the Next Step

Why should your student do it alone when the Thames at Mitchell College program offers the individualized living and learning support you’ve been searching for?

Start an application, schedule a family visit, or connect with us today to learn more. We would be thrilled to guide your student toward a new and rewarding life chapter at the welcoming Mitchell campus.


Heather Potts
Associate Director of Admissions – Thames
Phone: 860-701-5178
Office: Henry Hall

One-on-One Online Chats

Still have questions about Thames at Mitchell College? Let’s connect! Email Heather Potts at to schedule an online video chat or call to wrap up any questions you still have!


Schedule a Thames at Mitchell College Campus Visit

Thames, Mitchell College

“Being on a college campus as a Thames student really helped me prepare for college life. I like to be active and do interesting things. Taking college classes, eating in the dining hall and going to school events really benefited me. I want do something with marine biology or communication and performing arts. I love being around animals, and I also love being on stage and expressing myself, so I will be joining the chorus and auditioning for the play and the musical.”

—Hana Rihani


How Can We Help?

Thames, Mitchell College

Heather Potts

Associate Director of Admissions - Thames

Phone: 860-701-5178
Office: Henry Hall

Thames, Mitchell College

Building Confidence.

Victoria Séman, Senior

Academics:  Liberal and Professional Studies

Senior Victoria Séman thought that her learning differences might slow down her academic progress and keep her from graduating from college at the same time as her friends from home. “I’ve always known myself to be a smart person. I like learning. It’s fun, but with my learning differences it’s harder for me than some, and that worried me. I didn’t want to graduate a year later. I wanted to graduate in…

Thames, Mitchell College

Living Your Best Life.

Jake April, Senior

Academics:  Business

Jake April doesn’t point to a specific class when asked what inspired him during his time at Thames at Mitchell and Mitchell College, but to the people. “The faculty and staff inspired me because, when I was feeling stressed, their words and confidence would remind me that with a little hard work and determination, I could do anything I put my mind to.” His hard work and determination has paid off.  

Thames, Mitchell College

Defining Moments.

Emma Quinn, Junior

Academics: Hospitality & Tourism

Junior Emma Quinn points to her election as the first female president of Thames at Mitchell College Student Government Association as a defining moment in her transition to a confident student leader. The process included a campaign, a debate and an acceptance speech. “I would never have done that in high school. It was the start of changing, of saying I can hold on to this big responsibility… 

Thames, Mitchell College

Learning Self-Advocacy.

Christa Mancuso

Thames at Mitchell College

Christa Mancuso visited Mitchell College during her senior year of high school and connected with the school right away. “When I came to visit Mitchell, I really liked what I saw right away: the waterfront, the people from admissions, the classrooms, the teachers.” The Thames at Mitchell student from Naugatuck, Connecticut, now almost through a year in the program, has settled into the life and rhythm…


Thames, Mitchell College