Why Mitchell?

Mitchell College’s commitment to educating a diverse student population, building leadership and transferable skills, offering some of the most sought-after academic support programs in the country, and our unique coastal location and proximity to military installations and defense employers, make the College an appealing choice for service members and veterans. Whether you are active duty, guard, reserve, military spouse or a veteran, we welcome you to campus, and invite you to apply!

How do I apply for the GI Bill and related education benefits?

To check eligibility and for steps to apply, visit https://www.va.gov/education/how-to-apply/

Is Mitchell a Yellow Ribbon school?

Mitchell College is a proud member of the Yellow Ribbon program. To learn how student veterans can enhance financial access through Yellow Ribbon, contact any member of our Veterans Admissions Team:

Kelby Chappelle | 860-701-5043

Christina Chappelle | 860-701-5024

How are service members and veterans supported and recognized at Mitchell?

In addition to building meaningful and supportive relationships with fellow student veterans and faculty and staff veterans on campus, we invite you to utilize our dedicated Veterans’ Lounge in Duques Center and take part in our annual Veterans Day Celebration as well as other events throughout the year.

What about academic and other support?
Known for educating the “whole student”, Mitchell offers customizable, comprehensive support:

Beginning with our “seamless transfer experience” we’ll evaluate your previous military credit and work to maximize credit transfer into degree programs

You’ll get on the fast track to getting your degree. With your Advisor, you’ll craft a degree program fueled by your passion and interests, and even speed up the pace as you’re ready by adding in 1, 2 or 3 MiniMester sessions each year

You’ll get instant access to one of the nation’s strongest academic support programs which includes the fee-based Bentsen Learning Center plus free writing support and professional tutoring

Integrative Career Development starts you on your future career path from day one…you’ll continue building the transferable skills employers seek out, network with area employers and apply your coursework and skills in on-campus career labs and internships

You’ll have full access to health and wellness programs on campus

For service members and veterans with disabilities: In accordance with state and federal law, Mitchell College is committed to providing accommodations to eligible students and visitors with disabilities in order to ensure accessibility and equal opportunities to its programs, services, and activities. Learn more at https://mitchell.edu/access.

Are there scholarships?

No separate application is required to be considered for Mitchell College academic scholarships. All students new to Mitchell College will be considered for academic scholarships as part of the admissions process.

You may review the following websites for information about various veterans and military-connected scholarships: 

AFCEA War Veterans Scholarships
AMVETS Scholarship
Ankin Law Military Scholarship
Army Staff Sgt. Special Agent Richard S. Eaton Jr. Scholarship
AWFDN Legacy Scholarship Program
FRA Education Foundation Scholarships
Troops to Teachers
VFW Scholarship

Veterans Day Celebration 2019

November 11, 2019 on the Mitchell College Campus

Connect with Admissions

Crystal Simmons

Crystal Simmons

Associate Director of Admissions and Liaison for Athletics, Club and Recreational Sports

Office: Henry Hall

Christina Chappelle

Christina Chappelle

VA School Certifying Official

Office: Duques Center

A few words on fit.


"Fit” is the modern buzzword of the college search process. And frankly, rightly so. As you consider your college experience, we encourage you to look for a place that feels right. It’s also a good idea to make a list of the qualities and characteristics that make a college and you a winning combination.


If you are looking for a college that: 


  • Gets to know and understand each student as a uniquely talented individual

  • Identifies potential and encourages students in very intentional ways

  • Fosters growth in each student, giving them a foundation for life and career success

  • Is small enough to deliver on the promise of a personalized experience

  • Goes beyond “career services” and offers a progressive 4-year career development model, partnering with local businesses and nonprofits for professional experience

  • Promotes an inclusive culture that encourages students to experiment in new clubs and activities

  • Is nationally recognized for its academic support systems, from professional content tutors (not students) to proven comprehensive support for students with learning differences

  • Connects students to service opportunities that impact their world

  • Is in a location that offers access to New England’s natural places and some of America’s greatest cities




…Mitchell College delivers in a powerful way.

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