Honors Program

Honors Program

The Mitchell College Honors Program

Philosophical Statement & Introduction

The Mitchell College Honors Program provides motivated students with opportunities to develop a higher capacity and passion for learning. Honors Students will be an intricate part of our diverse community of learners, working closely with leading members of faculty, staff, and other Honors Students. Other key benefits include the opportunity to earn Honors Student Scholarships, priority enrollment in designated courses, a faculty supervised self-directed learning experience and special recognition for outstanding academic achievement.

Our Mission
Mitchell College’s Honors Program is dedicated to providing our Honors Students with a life altering college experience that will challenge them through purposeful and distinctive course work, enhanced connections to campus resources and unique opportunities to develop 21st century leadership skills.

Our Vision
Mitchell College’s faculty and staff supports motivated students who seek to embark on an enhanced journey of learning and discovery. Innovative and critical pedagogy, an open and ability based curriculum, a culture that encourages positive risk taking, and ample opportunities to develop leadership skills are all critical in providing our Honors Students with experiences that foster the abilities needed to be our future leaders.

Honors Experience Year 1
Honors Students are exposed to an enhanced and extended learning experience as part of an “on-boarding” period of the Honors Program experience. These students are given the opportunity to study with other like-minded scholars and are assigned to an honors level section of their core curriculum. The courses include Introduction to College Writing and First-Year Seminar in the fall as well as College Writing and Research and Effective Presentations in the spring. Small class size, engaging faculty and invitation to special Honors only events provide greater opportunities for interaction, discussion and meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and peers. Students not entering the College as an Honors Student in their first semester may request consideration for second semester honors level core courses through a recommendation by a faculty member.

The first year Honors experience is also designed to give students the chance to reflect upon the direction of their academic journey. It allows students the time and exposure to find their fit within an enhanced plan of study. It does not represent a full commitment to nor guarantee of inclusion in the program beyond the first year.

Honors Experience Year 2 & Beyond
Students wishing to continue their honors journey beyond the first year Honors experience must submit an application to the Honors Committee. The application is reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff to evaluate readiness to proceed with the enhanced rigor and self-directed nature of the program. Upon approval to continue, students are assigned a faculty advisor and a Directed Studies course is added to their course schedule. Within self-directed course work, Honors Students will work closely with leading members of the faculty in selecting an independent project, mapping a course of studies that provides a foundation for their research and presenting their findings within their senior year. Students will be required to attend a weekly one credit seminar each fall and spring semester. The purpose of the seminar will be to provide a collaborative environment that encourages investigation of common themes across various disciplines. An annual review of a student’s inclusion in the Honors Program will be conducted to ensure appropriate fit and commitment are sustained.

In addition to enriched faculty contact and self-directed coursework, the benefits of the Mitchell College Honors Program will include:

  1. Special activities – Students who participate in the Honors Program often get to participate in honors retreats, cultural events, dinners with faculty members, etc.
  2. Mentorship opportunities – Selected Honors Students will be invited to mentor incoming freshman Honors Students through appearances in First Year Seminar and other core curriculum classes to assist with and in support of our new Honors Students.
  3. Honors degree – Students who graduate in the Honors Program will have that notation recorded on their transcript and diploma. This will be a valuable addition to their resume.
  4. Annual scholarship – Upon successful completion of year one of the Honors Program students will be eligible for an annual Honors Program Scholarship.
Applying for the Honors Program

Students wishing to be considered for the First Year Honors Program Experience may indicate this preference on their application to the College. There is no separate application process. Mitchell College Admissions notifies all students recommended for the Honors Program during the admissions process.