Divisions & Majors

Academic Divisions & Majors

Degrees at Mitchell center on core fundamentals with room to explore your individual strengths and interests and how they will uniquely power your education. The difference? Your education will be unique to you and you’ll be able to apply your new skills and knowledge across the curriculum, in on-campus career labs and with internships and professional experiences in our region.

Divisions & Majors, Mitchell College

Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Diving into the fascinating topics of human behavior, psychology, social policy and criminal justice, you will learn to analyze and solve for challenges across the societal spectrum. Majors include:

Divisions & Majors, Mitchell College

Division of Business, Communication & Education

We prepare students to not only solve problems, but to think critically and lead creatively. And with flexibility built into the program, you’ll be able to major in an area that turns your passion into a fulfilling career. Majors include:

Divisions & Majors, Mitchell College

Division of Science

Whether you’re interested studying our local marine and estuarial life, the complexities of global environmental issues, or the biology, chemistry and psychology of human health, Science majors open doors to numerous career options. Majors include: