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New Student Move In
August 23

Residence Hall move in for new students is on Wednesday, August 23 from 8am to 12pm. Please report to the registration table under the red tent on De Biasi Drive. Check in times are determined by student’s last name:

  • A-G arrive from 8-9am
  • H-L arrive from 9-10am
  • M-R arrive from 10-11am
  • S-Z arrive from 11am-12pm

Welcome BBQ will be from 12-2 pm. The incoming class and their families are invited to join us on the Clarke Patio.

Parent Session/Student Session Following the Welcome BBQ, there will be a parent session and a student session from 2:30-3:30pm.

First Year Student Induction Ceremony 3:45-4:30pm Families and students, please join us at the Clarke Center. Following the induction ceremony the family portion of New Student Move In is concluded.

New Student Mitchell Mania
August 23-27

Mitchell Mania for New students is August 23 -27. This is a fun and entertaining week of events planned by Campus Life that will get you transitioned into college life in an awesome way! You’ll get to know your incoming classmates, learn the ropes around campus, and much more! Mitchell Mania is for all new students, whether you’re residing on or off campus. Events include:

  • Bonfire Wednesday, August 23, 8-9pm, Mitchell Beach
  • Field Day Thursday, August 24, 1-3:30pm, Mitchell Lawn
  • Taco Time Thursday, August 24, 10-11pm, Outside Yarnall Center
  • Video Game Tournament Friday, August 25, 3-5pm, Student Center
  • Hypnotist Jim Spinnato Saturday, August 26, 7-8:30pm, Weller
  • SGA Welcome Party Saturday, August 26, 8:30-10pm, Student Center

View the full Mitchell Mania Schedule.

Classes begin Monday, August 28. We will also hold Convocation on August 28.

Returning Student  Move In
August 27

Check in is on Sunday, August 27 from 10am-3pm at your assigned Residence Hall. Classes begin Monday, August 28. We will also hold Convocation on August 28.

Checklist Before You Arrive 

Please note that your check in process during Move In will be expedited if you have no holds on your student account and if you have submitted all of your forms.

Pay your bill if you haven’t already Check your balance via your Mitchell email account.

Fill out and submit enrollment forms if you haven’t already:

  • Complete your online New Student Housing Application at
  • Complete and submit your Student Health Forms.
  • Student Health Insurance. All full-time students are required to maintain adequate health insurance, either under your own private plan or under the Student Health Insurance Plan sponsored by the College. All students must visit to enroll in a plan or sign a waiver if you choose to maintain medical coverage in a plan other than the College-sponsored plan. Students who do not complete the waiver by the tuition due date will automatically be enrolled in the College-sponsored health insurance plan and billed accordingly.
  • Accommodations Due to Disability. Any student needing accommodations due to a disability should submit a Request for Services form as well as the necessary documentation to the Disability Student Services Office. For more information, please visit the Disability Student Services page.
  • Financial Responsibility Agreement. All new incoming students are required to sign and submit the Financial Responsibility Agreement Form which may be viewed here.
  • Athletics. If you’re going to be an athlete during the 2017/2018 academic year, complete and submit your Student Athlete Health Forms. Please note that the NCAA requires all first year and transfer student-athletes to have a physical within 6 months of the start of their first season.
  • Application for the Academic Coaching for Empowerment (ACE) program (if applicable)

Contact your roommate.
Consider purchasing renter’s insurance.
Returning and New Students: All students are expected to eliminate all holds on their account prior to arriving. You may NOT attend class or move into your residence hall room until you are off all holds. For those students with a hold, please contact the respective office you are on a hold with and get this resolved.
New Students: If you have questions about your schedule, please contact Assistant Dean, Director of Advising, Kevin Kelly at
New Students: Explore this year’s Common Read. Students not attending Beach Bash will receive a complimentary copy at Mitchell Mania. The 2017 selection is Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work by David Isay. This book, published in 2016, is part of the NPR StoryCorps series in which everyday people describe their own life journey in short, poignant vignettes. We will explore this book, the concept of capturing our stories and the journey towards our own calling in both the First Year Seminar and College Writing courses. If you have any questions, please email Assistant Dean, Director of First Year Experience, Jennifer Welsh at
New Students: Mail your final official transcripts including high school transcripts to the Admissions Office if you haven’t already. These are required by the federal government for financial aid verification.

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Text questions to: 860-910-1052

Student's Date of Birth

Meet the Student Affairs Staff

Sandra D. Wirth, Ed.D.

Sandra D. Wirth, Ed.D.

VP for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Phone: 860-701-5093
Fax: 860-629-6039
Office: Mitchell Hall 311

Amy Bilezikian

Amy Bilezikian

Campus Life Coordinator

Phone: 860-701-5335
Fax: 860-701-7794
Office: Saunders 100

Derrick Picard

Derrick Picard

Campus Life Coordinator

Phone: 860-701-7721
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Office: Mariner 100

Curtis Clark

Curtis Clark

Assistant Director of Campus Life

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Fax: 860-701-7794
Office: Campus Center

Diane Miller

Diane Miller

Executive Assistant for Student Affairs

Phone: 860-701-5093
Fax: 860-629-6039
Office: Mitchell Hall 310


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