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A Distinctive Education

Your experiences in college have a lifelong impact. Having a professor excite you about learning, care about you as a person and mentor and encourage you happens at Mitchell where we have a tradition of teaching to all learning styles in small classes where professors get to know you.
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Teaching Adaptive Abilities

Being ready to thrive in your career, your community and your life takes skills. At Mitchell you gain essential abilities that transfer from class to class, then career to career.
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Playing to your Strengths

Exploring what you can do—even if you didn’t imagine it for yourself—with professors to back you up is the hallmark of a Mitchell education. In a campus that spans a county, you interact with college partners around New London.

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Embracing Diverse Thinkers

The best part of fitting in at Mitchell is it’s not about being the same; it’s about being yourself—your best self—with inspiring people in a diverse community ready to help you discover who you are as you discover strengths you may not know yet.
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