Select Chorus: Exercising mind and passion

Photo of Christian Benesh at the piano

Students who join Select Chorus at Mitchell College participate in an activity they love and get academic credit for it at the same time. Established in 2017, Select Chorus at Mitchell College is both auditioned and curricular, with 1 academic credit granted per semester.

According to Jono Babbitt, assistant professor of leadership and business management who oversees Mitchell College performing arts, incoming freshmen can potentially participate for 4 years and earn 8 credits towards graduation.

“There are no other courses at Mitchell that allow for that level of repetition,” he said.

Christian Benesh, a junior who joined Select Chorus as a freshman, after having performed in a chorus since middle school, not only finds a place to exercise his passion but also to expand his mind.

“We have sung music in different languages, like German and Latin. It’s nice to know the history of the music, and some of the songs are very beautiful,” Christian said.

“Music has opened something up in me, a steady emotive,” he said. “It’s nice to be part of a group of people with different backgrounds who work together as friends. When it’s time for a concert, it’s great to see people enjoy our talent and have fun. That’s all that counts….I am really excited to have a live audience at our concert this year.”