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Sharmaine Gregor, Senior

Academics:  Environmental Studies
The rising sun, already searing, illuminates scattered trash left by visitors the night before. Gathering the garbage, Mitchell College senior and student researcher, Sharmaine Gregor next stoops to collect weeds and perform a visual scan of the flat areas for signs of plant growth. This regular routine offers Gregor insight into…

Garet Griffin ’18

Academics:  Sport & Fitness, graduated Cum Laude

Right off the bat, sports enthusiast and Mitchell College senior Garet Griffin wasn’t sure if inside sales was for him. Field trips to partner organizations and mock interviews with the Integrative Career Development (ICD) program helped him land a paid internship with Mohegan Sun’s inside sales team for the New England Black Wolves professional men’s lacrosse team and the WNBA Connecticut Sun…

Max Pevna, Sophomore

Academics: Communication

As an incoming Thames student, Max Pevna didn’t guess that two summers later, he’d be a full-time communication major at Mitchell and performing Shakespeare at an outdoor amphitheater alongside one of the most adventurous classical theater companies in New England…

Kevin Coleman ’18

Academics:  Homeland Security, graduated Cum Laude

On day one of Kevin Coleman’s summer internship with the city of New London, he accompanied director of human services Jeannie Milstein on a trip to the state capitol and was introduced to the lieutenant governor and Chris Soto, New London’s State Representative – talk about quickly growing your network! The rest of the summer…

Madison Benton-Neylon

Academics: Liberal & Professional Studies

When Madison arrived for the first day of her internship at Galina’s at Mohegan Sun, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect – or what she could bring to the table as an intern — at this high-end boutique located in a world class casino. Just days into the internship, Madison found her mojo…

Zachary Marmo ’17

Academics:  Environmental Studies with minor in Psychology, graduated Summa Cum Laude

When science gets hands-on, it isn’t just white coats in a laboratory. It can be pulling “settlement plates” off a dock in cold water with banged up knuckles on numb hands. That’s what an environmental studies major would expect when he dives into marine biology. What he didn’t expect as an undergraduate was…

Jessica Servidio ’18

Academics: Early Childhood Education, graduated Magna Cum Laude

After transferring to Mitchell College, Jessica Servidio quickly felt at home, forming relationships with the education faculty, shadowing teachers at the Children’s Learning Center (CLC), and making friends with other education students as they took the preschool children around campus to explore Mitchell’s unique surroundings. The valuable experience she gained in this personalized learning environment helped launch…

Beckett Scannelli ’18

Academics:  Sport & Fitness

How hard is it for a college fitness intern to connect with a 70 year old with arthritis in the gym? According to Beckett Scannelli, surprisingly easy. After taking courses at Mitchell to learn about how chronic diseases impact mobility, the Sport & Fitness major, and now alumni, was able to land a dream internship at Mcllhenney Fitness Studio in East Lyme, CT. And that’s when he really saw the distinctive benefits Mitchell’s “cross-training” style of education offers its students…

Sarah Turner ’16

Academics:  Liberal & Professional Studies – Individualized

Sarah Turner didn’t know exactly what to expect when she sat down to discuss a potential internship with Gino DeMaio, CEO of Sound Community Services, Inc., but she knew that he and his organization were highly recommended by her faculty advisor and she knew the College’s Office of Integrative Career Development was building a strong partnership with SCSI. When DeMaio and Turner imagined a…


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