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A Sport & Fitness Management Degree from Mitchell College is challenging, interactive, exciting, and rewarding. A Sport & Fitness Management degree from Mitchell will give you all the tools you need to excel in areas such as training, nutrition, fitness, coaching, and more! We offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport & Fitness Management, with concentrations in Sport Management, Physical Education, Recreation Administration, Health & Fitness Management, and Sport Communication.

Sport & Fitness Management Degrees:
B.S. Sport & Fitness Management

What can I do with this degree?

A full range of opportunities exist in the Sport and Fitness area including:

  • Professional Sports Team Manager
  • Physical Education Instructor
  • Recreation Administration
  • Health & Fitness Management
  • Sports Journalism

Our Sport Management graduates work for organizations such as:

  • Sacred Heart University
  • The New Jersey Nets
  • The United States Coast Guard
  • Titleist

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The bachelors degree in the Sport & Fitness Management Department offers academic preparation in the specialized areas of:

  • Sport Management
  • Physical Education
  • Recreation Administration
  • Health & Fitness Management
  • Sport Communication

The concentration in Sport Management emphasizes the practical and academic experiences necessary to be successful in the sport industry. Sport managers must have a fundamental understanding of the applications of business and in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the sport world.

The Physical Education concentration is designed to prepare students for a career in the classroom teaching physical education. The Physical Education concentration provides the student an opportunity to earn a State of Connecticut Coaching Certification; however, the degree program does not lead to CT Teaching Certification. Students interested in nonschool programs such as those offered at the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, YWCA and Municipal Recreation Departments are prepared by studying Recreation Administration. This concentration prepares well-rounded and enthusiastic graduates dedicated to positively impacting the lives of youths. Health and Fitness prepares those students concentrating on careers in personal training, strength and conditioning, and sport rehabilitation delivered by fitness centers, corporate wellness programs, or sport medicine facilities. For those interested in pursuing sport media careers in television, radio, or print industries, the concentration in Sport Communications provides preparation in both sport and communication media techniques.

As a student in one of these programs, you would participate in Mitchell’s outstanding internship program. A student will complete a sophomore and senior level internship. You can elect to do your internship in a wide variety of settings ranging from professional sports teams, school athletic programs, parks and recreation programs, sporting goods companies, fitness facilities and more.

A full range of opportunities exist in the Sport and Fitness area including executive-level positions requiring strong management and problem-solving capabilities. Mitchell’s Sport & Fitness Management Department will prepare you to meet the contemporary and future needs of the sport, physical education, fitness and recreation fields.

Meet the Faculty

Dean Roberts, M.S.

Dean Roberts, M.S.

Assistant Professor, Department Chair

Daniel Kresge, Ph.D., ATC

Daniel Kresge, Ph.D., ATC

Associate Professor

There are so many hands-on lessons I know I am gaining real life experience.

Samantha Ryan
Class of 2016, Sport & Fitness Management



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