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Teaching Adaptive Abilities

Seven essential skills for life-long adaptability

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“I have grown so much in my confidence…Even if you don’t see the potential in yourself, others can see it in you at Mitchell.”

Zach Marmo ’17, Environmental Studies

Teams of energetic and creative people—faculty, advisors, learning specialists, coaches, and student mentors—work to help you unleash your academic and leadership potential. Beginning with a First Year Experience designed to bring forward your talents, you learn seven essential abilities. Building transferable skills by actually applying them in class and in real-world professional experiences, you are not only ready for your first job; you are equipped to be promoted.
abilities, Mitchell College

Essential Skills for Life

  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Diversity and Global Perspectives
  • Information and Communication Technology Literacy (ICT Literacy)
  • Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Values, Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Social Interaction
abilities, Mitchell College

I tell people who are looking at Mitchell that no matter what your skills or talents, there is a place here for you and you can use those skills and talents to become a better version of yourself and succeed.

Karin Leiper
Class of 2016, Communication




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