Sam Law, Senior


Senior Sam Law found the perfect opportunity through his internship at Glow Up Therapy to put some of the skills he has acquired over the years through the Mitchell Ability Model to work. Critical and creative thinking, communication and technology literacy all came into play as Sam researched and wrote social media and blog posts for the mental health practice in Mystic.

“I wrote about mental health topics, like stress and gaslighting. I was lucky that my internship was remote, so I had the ability to work on my own time. I worked almost every day researching or writing drafts, and I tried to relax on Sundays.”

Winding down a busy senior year at Mitchell, Sam, a resident assistant, did face some challenges.

“Time management was a challenge, as my internship coincided with my work on my senior capstone project, which is studying how to use exercise to treat anxiety. My internship supervisor and I worked out an effective system, though, that allowed me to plan out my week and break down my work.”

A general psychology major with a minor in family development, Sam credits his internship with helping to solidify his future goals. He has thought about being a therapist from a young age, when he realized he liked making people feel better about themselves and less anxious.

 “Through my internship, I was able to gain experience in a work environment I was not familiar with. My internship pointed me in the right direction for my future career, affirming that I want to be therapist and use my ability to understand the meaning in what people are saying and to empathize with them.”


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