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Shaking Things Up.

Shaking Things Up.

Max Pevna, Senior

Academics: Communication

When he first started as a Thames student, Max Pevna would’ve never guessed that two summers later, he’d be a full-time communications major at Mitchell, performing Shakespeare at an outdoor amphitheater alongside one of the most adventurous classical theater companies in New England.

Thanks to his Integrative Career Development (ICD) summer internship with Flock Theatre, Max gained a full range of experiences in the world of theater production as he helped Flock prepare for three weekends of Shakespeare’s King Henry IV, Part I.

No single day of his internship was the same – whether he was delivering props, rehearsing lines, or crafting shields and swords for actors to use, Max received personal encouragement from Flock’s professionals, every step of the way.

“They’ve been very supportive, and give me good feedback. They help me if I have trouble with something – like if I’m painting, I can ask for input on how something looks and touch it up before the play opens,” said Pevna.

Max even experienced what goes on behind the scenes with the business and marketing aspects of theater, going door to door with another intern to meet local businesses and asking if they wanted to purchase ad space in the program. No matter what decision each store owner made, he learned first-hand how to maintain a professional and courteous attitude.

Flock asked him to step out of his comfort zone and take his internship experience to the next level by taking on a part in King Henry IV, Part I as John Lancaster, the character third in line for King Henry’s throne.

“I wasn’t sure about it because I’ve never acted Shakespeare before.” 

Though he had acted in high school and with the Mitchell College Players, it was both a new kind of venue for him – the outdoor amphitheater at Connecticut College’s Arboretum – and an entirely new style of acting. Max agreed to take on the role, and he was ready for his lines well before the play!

For students who don’t have any experience with theater, Max encourages them to just give it a try…

“It’s a good way to make a lot of friends and kind of come out of your shell because you can’t just be your normal, quiet self – you have to open up as a different character and all that. You don’t know unless you try it.”

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