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Learning Self-Advocacy.

Learning Self-Advocacy.

Christa Mancuso, Thames at Mitchell College

Christa Mancuso visited Mitchell College during her senior year of high school and connected with the school almost instantly.

“When I came to visit Mitchell, I really liked what I saw right away: the waterfront, the people from admissions, the classrooms, the teachers.”

The Thames at Mitchell student from Naugatuck, Connecticut, now almost through a year in the program, has settled into the life and rhythm both on campus, and now through remote learning! Thames at Mitchell – on the campus of Mitchell College – offers students with learning differences deep individualized academic and social support as they prepare to transition to the full college experience.

“Starting at Thames, the beginning of the year was hard for me to transition. I was very upset and didn’t want to leave home. But I knew that it would help me be more independent and have confidence in myself to do things on my own. And I am proud of myself for how hard I work to get good grades. I have learned how to advocate for myself, which was a challenge in high school. Now, if I need help with my assignments, I ask.”

Christa has found a way to balance her academic life and campus activities and hopes to apply her new-found strategies for success to a four-year program at Mitchell, starting next year.

“At Thames I take two classes per day. It’s not that bad. After class I usually go to Umbrella House, where my advisors and academic support are located, to get my work done. Later on I get dinner and relax and spend time with my friends. I think it’s a great experience coming to Thames because you learn to live on your own, have responsibility and begin to be independent. Plus, you have the opportunity to meet new people who might last forever in your life!”

Thames students have the opportunity to earn Mitchell College credit while in the Thames program, while having full access to all of the campus clubs, activities and intramural sports available to Mitchell students. Christa participates in the Fitness Club and the Early Childhood Education Club. She also enjoys the weekly shopping shuttle that transports students to the local shopping mall.

Christa’s goal for next year is to continue on the path she started at Thames.

“I hope to really enjoy being on Upper Campus, get good grades, figure out my major, and meet new people.”

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Christa, Mitchell College

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His hard work and determination has paid off.  

Christa, Mitchell College

Defining Moments.

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