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2021-2022 Athletics

Mitchell College Athletics has returned to a full schedule this fall as vaccination rates continue to rise across our campus, state, region and country. Get into the Mariner Spirit by cheering on our student-athletes!

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Campus Life

To view all campus events or to get involved on campus as a commuter or resident student, visit mitchell.presence.io

September 22: Mitchell College Peace Day | 11am-2pm on the College Green
September 26: Eat in the Street/Downtown New London | 4:30-7:30pm; Learn more here.
October 16: Mariner Day for Families & Alumni | Learn more at mitchell.edu/mariner-day.

Performing Arts

Audition Registration is Now Open! Sign up here for an audition time for Select Chorus (new member), Dance/Cheer (new member), Fall Theatre (must audition each semester), or Instrumental Ensembles.

Here is just a sampling of the performing arts opportunities fully vaccinated students can look forward to this fall!

September 2-30 Select Chorus Auditions. New members, sign up for an audition time here.

September 2-30 Theater Auditions: Our Fall Play will be Vietnam 101: The War on Campus. Sign up for an audition time here.

September 2-30 Dance/Cheer Auditions: We’re welcoming new and returning students ranging from “interested in dance” to those with  “years of experience” in dance. We hold a Showcase each semester, there are dance opportunities in the Spring musical and cheerleading for select home basketball games. New members,sign up for an audition time here.

September 2-30 Ensemble Auditions: Bring your instruments to campus! Also, let Jono know what you play and sign up for an audition time here.

Pop-up acting and improvisation workshops

One-act play read-throughs

Movie-and-Popcorn evenings to watch shows that range from the familiar to the completely experimental.

Fall Field Trip to Goshen Players’ production of Neil Simon’s “Lost in Yonkers”. Guided tour, discussions with Goshen personnel, dinner and the production. Watch for details!

Private Lessons: Voice, Piano, Brasses, Winds, Strings and Percussion. Email Jono to express interest.

Mitchell in Scotland, Summer 2023. If you’re interested, tell your advisor now to make sure you can plan to complete the required pre-requisite course of TH110, Introduction to Stagecraft. Contact Jono for details!

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First Year Experience (FYE)

What are some of the experiences you can expect as a first-year student at Mitchell this fall?

Common Listen. Uniquely Mitchell…other colleges have a Common Read; we have a Common Listen! First-year students will listen to podcasts and share their own ideas and stories.

Transition Mentors. Every first-year student is matched with a Transition Mentor (TM). 

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Fall Classes

August 30: In-person classes for Mitchell College and Thames at Mitchell begin Monday, August 30.

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Fall 2021 Campus Operations

Learn more about campus operations, vaccination requirements and protocols for Fall 2021 here.

Fall 2021 Campus Operations

Learn more about campus operations, vaccination requirements and protocols for Fall 2021 here.

A few words on fit.


"Fit” is the modern buzzword of the college search process. And frankly, rightly so. As you consider your college experience, we encourage you to look for a place that feels right. It’s also a good idea to make a list of the qualities and characteristics that make a college and you a winning combination.


If you are looking for a college that: 


  • Gets to know and understand each student as a uniquely talented individual

  • Identifies potential and encourages students in very intentional ways

  • Fosters growth in each student, giving them a foundation for life and career success

  • Is small enough to deliver on the promise of a personalized experience

  • Goes beyond “career services” and offers a progressive 4-year career development model, partnering with local businesses and nonprofits for professional experience

  • Promotes an inclusive culture that encourages students to experiment in new clubs and activities

  • Is nationally recognized for its academic support systems, from professional content tutors (not students) to proven comprehensive support for students with learning differences

  • Connects students to service opportunities that impact their world

  • Is in a location that offers access to New England’s natural places and some of America’s greatest cities




…Mitchell College delivers in a powerful way.

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