Applied Exercise Science

Division of Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Science allows students to understand the fundamental scientific principles and their application to exercise, fitness and health and wellness.

Program Overview

Through an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach, students in the Applied Exercise Science program are provided with a foundation to pursue careers or graduate school in applied and clinical disciplines in health fitness and exercise science. Students will be prepared to work with a variety of diverse populations to promote health and wellness. Through the program’s abilities-based curriculum, students will master transferable abilities that allow them to be lifelong learners and promote continued professional advancement in their field.

Student working with woman on weight training
Male exercise Instructor teaching a class

What You Will Learn

Through the Applied Exercise Science program, students will achieve the following learning outcomes: 

  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental scientific principles that govern healthy lifestyles through exercise and fitness
  • Develop, implement and assess programs and protocols for a variety of individuals with diverse needs that promote health and wellness
  • Build transferable skills that promote professional practice and lifelong learning within the discipline
  • Master the fundamental biological, chemical and psychological principles that govern the health sciences
  • Employ analysis and problem-solving strategies in the context of the scientific method to make observations and pose questions to further our understanding of the health sciences
  • Critically evaluate and effectively communicate the results of scientific practice and research to professional communities and the general public, both orally and through writing

The Mitchell Difference

Earning a degree at Mitchell College requires a combination of coursework and experiential learning built around our Abilities Model. This skills-based learning approach includes the following: First Year Experience, Integrative Career Development, Core curriculum, Major curriculum and exploratory electives. Every program at Mitchell offers unique opportunities to our broad spectrum of students for their educational, occupational and lifestyle pursuits.

The Applied Exercise Science program features: 


  • Hands-on Learning as a way for students to explore, retain and experiment within their field of study
    1. Working directly with our Division III athletes and athletic training staff on site
    2. Tracking dietary habits and examining trends with dietary analysis software
  • Wraparound Supports that offer resources and promote community-building within the learning process 
  • Organizations and Activities to build community with peers, learn and have fun 
  • Internship offering real-world experience to enhance our students’ educational journey with partners including:
    1. G’s Fitness and Nutrition (Waterford, CT)
    2. New London High School Athletic Training Department
    3. Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center (New London, CT)
  • Service Learning that combines learning objectives with community service in ways that can benefit both student growth and the community
  • Research that offers students the opportunities to delve deeper into subject areas of interest with faculty guidance
  • Minor and/or Microcredential(s) allowing students more compact, narrowly focused courses to develop specific skills in their area of study 
Man coaching young boys soccer team
Woman providing physical therapy to two women patients
Female women's soccer coach

Career Pathways

The Applied Exercise Science program prepares students for a number of different careers, as well as the potential for future advanced study:

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Coaching and Sport Performance
  • Corporate Wellness Programming
  • Health, Fitness and Wellness Specialist
  • Recreation Instructor/Specialist/Practitioner
  • Health and Nutrition Coach
  • Advanced study in allied health fields such as athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, registered dietitian, respiratory therapy, exercise physiology, recreational therapy

Sample Coursework: 4-Year Overview

View the College Catalog for full descriptions of these courses.

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