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Ready to Fly

Senior Rachel Ricciuti’s internship in the marketing and sales department of Water’s Edge Resort & Spa melded perfectly with lessons learned through her major in communication and her minor in hospitality and tourism.

“Every day was different,” she said. “One day we were writing meta descriptions for the website, and the next day I got to create a post for social media. My favorite part was being surrounded by several managers in the sales office. Each one oversees a different operation—corporate, social and weddings. To watch an event like a wedding or a major corporate meeting was so interesting and fun. It was a bonus of my internship placement to get to see, learn and do so much.”

When Rachel started her internship, she second-guessed herself and her abilities.

“I was worried that, despite years of education and even experience, I wouldn’t be prepared for an internship in the ‘real world.’ But Mitchell taught me to be ready. It sounds cheesy, but all of my classes really helped sculpt me to be and do the best that I could for this internship. From a marketing viewpoint I had to think critically about who we were trying to reach and how we were trying to reach them. I also had to communicate effectively with coworkers and clientele,” she said.

Her internship experience affirms the work that she will pursue after graduation.

“From working at Water’s Edge, I know that I want to work in a place with the same type of atmosphere doing the same kind of work. It is rewarding and fun!”

She chalks up her success as both a student and an intern to Mitchell’s size.

“The small community drew me to Mitchell. I knew I wasn’t going to be just another number in the student population. You truly get to spread your wings and make the most out of the four years. It’s crucial development before going into the real world, being able to build my resume and have support doing it. The opportunities are there, and I knew I had to take advantage of them.”

“Mitchell has challenged me, supported me and helped me network and gain connections. I have come out on the other side stronger from the experiences that I have had,” she added.

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