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Stepping Forward with Confidence

Thames at Mitchell College student Grace Carey dreams of one day working in a preschool. She is enrolling as a first-year student at Mitchell College for the 2023–24 academic year and is confident that early childhood studies and a practicum at the Mitchell College Children’s Learning Center will help her reach her goal.

Her new-found confidence can be attributed to skills she is learning at Thames.

“When I began at Thames, I struggled with uncertainty. I wasn’t sure college would be right for me since academics and time management have been hard for me,” Grace said.

“But at Thames I found a program that offers academic and social supports. I am learning and working on many skills, including managing time, balancing academic and school life with social life, navigating a college campus and finding the resources I need. It’s been challenging, but I’ve overcome the challenges by self-advocating, using my schedule and map of the campus and just giving myself time to adjust.”

Grace said that she has been “pleasantly surprised” by the level of social-emotional support at Thames and the friendliness of the community. Both helped her gain more confidence in her ability to be a college student and an adult.

“My ability to balance my work and social life has become stronger. I feel more confident in making a homework plan for myself and knowing what time I need for working. The extra support that Thames offers has also helped increase my enjoyment of the classes,” she said.

Managing her time well has made it easy to take part in many of the social activities available to Thames students—both within the Thames program and the wider Mitchell College community.

“The Paint and Sip nights, Play-Doh Night, Open Mic nights and Bingo nights are all campus-wide social events that I have had a lot of fun at. I have also really enjoyed the Thames-specific social events, like our Sunshine Club ice cream party, a trip to Providence and card and games nights!”

Grace is grateful for her time at Thames and looks forward to what comes next.

“At Thames I am part of the Mitchell College community, but I get to take my transition from high school to college more slowly with extra support. The program is my steppingstone to becoming a successful Mitchell College freshman and college student,” she said.