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Strength Training for Future Success

Nolan Clack credits Mitchell College with putting him on a path to meet his future goals. A sport management major who plays on the Mitchell College Men’s Soccer team and is vice president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council, Nolan is also interning at G’s Fitness and Nutrition in Waterford, where he is helping other athletes as a personal trainer. All those commitments make for busy days, but Nolan is up for the task.

After spending the summer as a client at G’s, he moved to a fall internship, working almost every day for a couple of hours each day.

“I built a relationship with the trainers who work at G’s over the summer, so this has been a nice transition. In my internship I began to help the athletes who work out there with strength training and conditioning,” he said.

“This internship has helped guide me in figuring out what part of the fitness industry I want to be in. It also has shown me how beneficial it can be working with younger athletes. That’s my favorite part of what I’m doing. I like to see the progress they have made from the time they started to where they are after each workout.”

Nolan said that he regularly uses skills he has learned through the Mitchell Ability Model in his work with his clients at the gym.

“I often have to create a different way to solve problems by understanding clients’ wants and needs and figuring out how to work around little problems. I also work with diverse group of people with different perspectives, so I have been able see why they think a certain way,” Nolan said.

Beyond the satisfaction of the work itself, “a great perk of doing my internship at the gym is that I can work out and train there once I am done for the day,” he said.

“Mitchell has done a great job setting me up for success and assisting me with what I need to better my future. I was drawn to the small classroom settings and better learning atmosphere, plus the private beach and the recent years of success in the athletics program.”