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A winning experience with Bay State Games

photo of Nate Chadbourne

Nate Chadbourne spent much of his summer as an operations intern at the Bay State Games, a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that offers a variety of amateur sports competitions in an Olympic-style format.

The senior sport and fitness management major worked with other interns to help organize and prepare for the competitions. He said his responsibilities ranged from doing office work, where he helped pack for upcoming events and prepare reminders to athletes, to game day assistance at various sports facilities where games were held around the state.

Nate said that during the peak of the games season, every day was different, and he had to be ready for assignments to change

“One of the phrases that was used in the office is that 60% of the plan won’t go according to plan. It’s important to expect the unexpected and be prepared to adjust,” he said.

Being adaptable to change is a skill that Nate has honed at Mitchell College, along with other transferrable skills that he used regularly in his work.

“At the Bay State Games, I worked with a lot of different people, so being able to communicate and interact effectively and in a professional manner was important. These skills helped the Bay State Games maintain long-term relationships with the people that helped with our purpose. Being able to problem solve and think critically was also important for being able to adjust when plans didn’t go as expected when organizing and preparing for competitions and events.”

Nate found the camaraderie of the other interns and the full-time staff of Bay State Games a highlight of his internship, along with visiting numerous sports facilities around Massachusetts. His internship, however, was not without challenges.

“Meeting my own expectations and those of others around me was sometimes a challenge. At times I doubted my competency, but the staff at the Bay State Games provided me with great mentorship. They guided me and helped me trust in my own abilities, which, over time, made it easier to overcome challenges.”

Armed with his newly-gained confidence, Nate is looking forward to his final year at Mitchell. He knows that he will be prepared for whatever comes his way after he graduates.

“I chose Mitchell because I liked the idea of being at a small school. Its size made it easier for me to focus on developing skills and traits that can help me find success later in my professional career.”