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Going pro.

Sophomore Max Mallove recently signed a contract to be a professional player with TeamMETA Esports, playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Melee. As a pro, he will compete in national and state level tournaments, represent Team Meta’s sponsors and partners and participate in training sessions.

In addition to that, he continues to play at the collegiate level for Mitchell Esports, coached by Chris Leonard, who said of Max’s pro status, “Max is an excellent Smash Ultimate player and even better at Smash Melee. He is a natural talent, and we are excited to have him in the TeamMETA family.”

Competing in local tournaments since 2014, Max upped his game when he played in national level tournaments, including Shine 2016 in Boston and EVO 2017 in Las Vegas. Despite this experience, he considered not joining Mitchell’s new esports team last year.

“I almost didn’t play at Mitchell because I had never played Ultimate at tournament level. Somehow, though, I ended up going undefeated, so I’m glad that I gave it a shot,” Max said.

What does Max like most about participating in esports?

“The level of competition drives you to always keep improving and upping your game, making it really satisfying when it pays off. It’s also fun to meet new people that share a common interest in esports. When I first started playing at a tournament level, I was nervous that everyone would be way better than me. Now I just enjoy the challenge. I look forward to learning from my mistakes and from other good players.”

Max offers the same advice to other players, whether novice to professional.

“Always be open to advice and tips from other players or coaches! It’s very easy to overlook small details that can play a large factor in your gameplay.”

When he is not participating in esports activities, Max studies business at Mitchell and works at his family’s store, Mallove’s Jewelers, which he plans to take over one day.

“After graduating from Mitchell, I’m going to work towards getting my degree from the Gemological Institute of America. That way I’d be certified to appraise diamonds and other precious stones.”

In the meantime, Max is enjoying splitting his time between campus and his job.

“Mitchell was an easy choice for me because I needed to stay close to my job. The small campus makes it easy for me to be able to transition between work and my classes. Mitchell is a community-oriented campus. Everyone is very friendly and supportive!”

Current Mitchell or Thames students interested in participating in esports should contact:

Chris Leonard at OR
Jamie Romeo at

Prospective students interested in esports, please contact:

Jamie Romeo at