Mitchell student Erica Blocker engaging her community.

Senior Erica Blocker is one example of a Mitchell College student doing good in the world, engaging with her community to effect positive change in the lives of others. 

A member of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, she is active on its Wuttooantam Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises cultural awareness of the tribe and provides support to its members. Wuttooantam means “He who cares,” and the foundation recently held a fundraiser to provide essential items for everyday living to tribal members impacted by the pandemic. In addition to efforts like these, the foundation has also sponsored classes in jewelry and basket making and the Pequot language, helping to keep the tribe’s traditions alive.

On campus, Erica is active in the Mitchell Hillel and the Criminal Justice Club. She is studying criminal justice with plans to pursue a career in forensics.

“What appeals to me most about forensics is bringing justice by the use of science, such as analyzing DNA and how it connects to the crime scene.”

She hopes to further her understanding of the field after graduation by pursuing an internship with the FBI and going to graduate school.

Erica chose to attend Mitchell because of the resources the school provided for people with learning disabilities. 

“I have a couple of learning disabilities and thought that this school was the perfect fit for me.”

She also values the diversity of the campus.

“I have had multiple opportunities to learn about diversity in the past, but when I came to Mitchell I met and made friends with people from different cultural backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs. That experience has helped me to better respect people for their differences.”