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Mitchell has been recognized as a national leader for its innovative academic support programs for more than 35 years. Explore the many ways that we give you the tools to succeed.


Individualized services offers the following fee based support services tailored to meet the needs of our students:

Bentsen Learning Center


The Bentsen Learning Center (BLC) is a comprehensive academic support program for students with diagnosed learning differences and ADHD. Over the last three decades we have diversified to meet the changing needs of our students. Through strong collaborative relationships between students and individual Learning Specialists, the BLC focuses on goal setting, the teaching and application of learning strategies, and the use of assistive technologies for classroom learning and beyond. Learn More about the BLC and Apply.

Academic Coaching for Empowerment (ACE)


Academic Coaching for Empowerment (ACE) is a professional individualized coaching program designed to:

  • identify obstacles that impact student success
  • plan ways to eliminate those obstacles
  • follow through on established plans

ACE is available to any Mitchell College student who may need support with setting priorities, staying organized and punctual or completing assignments on time.

Which students may benefit from Academic Coaching?

Students who have an interest in changing unproductive patterns and habits and who are willing to commit to the process are strong coaching candidates. For Academic Coaching to be effective, the decision to participate in the program must be the student’s.

What is a typical session like?

Sessions are student-driven. They begin with the students first considering the tasks they need to accomplish and then setting three short-term goals for the day. Providing structure, the coach asks guiding questions that help the student determine the best environment and methods for accomplishing those goals. In the next session, the student analyzes progress made. As the student and coach review task results, the student reflects on what led to reaching his/her goals as well as  what might have prevented accomplishing a task.  Students then consider how they might overcome any barriers when implementing their next set of goals. Throughout the process, the coach guides the student in accurately assessing and replacing ineffective daily planning habits while encouraging the student to be fully in control and responsible for work plans. Academic coaching does not involve judgment or criticism of the student; coaching emphasizes the positive.

A coaching session generally lasts five to ten minutes. The frequency of the sessions is determined by the student and coach for a maximum of sixty (60) minutes per week. Coaching sessions are usually conducted in person but may also include email and/ or phone check-in.

How long do students participate in Academic Coaching?

Students usually engage in the coaching process for a full semester although the duration may vary with each individual. At the end of the term, through an exit interview with the coach, students reflect on the process and progress made as well as discuss their thoughts on extending their participation in the program.

Fee:  $840.00 per semester for 2019-2020. Apply* for ACE. 

*Once the application has been received, supporting documentation will be required to be considered for this program.


Text questions to: 860-910-1052

Included with your tuition:

The Tutoring Center

 The Tutoring Center is free (limitations may apply) and staffed by professionals in their respective subjects. Tutor hours vary; make appointments via STARFISH at

The Writing Zone

The Writing Zone is a drop-in service staffed by writing instructors for students to get help outlining, drafting, and revising essays. This is not the appropriate space to receive help in reading assigned work or understanding subject material.
Location: Duques Center 1st Floor
Fall 2019 Session I Hours (Drop-ins Only):
Mondays 9am-12pm and 1-6pm
Tuesdays 12:30-2:30pm
Wednesdays 9am-12pm
Thursdays 9am-12pm
Fridays 12:30-2:30pm
Questions? Contact Meredith Adler, Assistant Director of FYE at or 860-701-5079.

Academic Advising

Students begin with an academic advisor who stays with them through graduation. The academic advising staff is comprised of full-time academic advisors who are professionally trained to help in all aspects of the transition to college, day-to-day challenges of college life, and most importantly, with making sound decisions in an academic program.

To learn more and meet our advising team, visit
Questions? Contact the Advising Office at 860-701-5024 or

The First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) is a comprehensive program designed to help ease your transition into Mitchell College, set the foundation for your academic success and help you get connected to what is happening in and out of the classroom. Through FYE you will encounter our best faculty, staff and students working together to introduce you to a wide range of new and exciting academic and co-curricular initiatives. The FYE office is a great place to start with questions you might have about almost everything that goes on in your first year at Mitchell – from classes to the common read, from service opportunities to suggestions about what would make your experience even better.

To learn more and meet our First Year Experience team, visit
Questions? Contact the First Year Experience Office at

Disability Student Services

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (2008) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Disability Student Services is committed to ensuring that no qualified student, on the basis of his/her disability*, will be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subject to discrimination under any College program or activity.Disability Student Services determines eligibility, approves and coordinates services, auxiliary aids*, and academic accommodations* to qualified students with disabilities.Disability Student Services is committed to equal accessibility and supports students with disabilities in advocating and engaging in the campus learning and living community to maximize their ability to succeed.For more information, visit our Disability Student Services Links, email or call 860-701-5790.

Transition program from high school to college:

Thames at Mitchell College is a college transition program for students with learning differences or students who would benefit from additional preparation to succeed in college, and is unique in the landscape of gap-year programs in being located on a college campus. Thames students can qualify to take two Mitchell College courses, connecting them directly with success on the college level. Not sure what’s right for you? Call or email an Admissions Counselor at 800-443-2811 or to discuss what’s best, or visit and meet with Thames specialists! We’d like to hear from you!

The one-on-one academic support from the BLC has helped me to be an academic success at Mitchell College and graduate with honors.

Allison Kaufman
Class of 2016, Hospitality & Tourism


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  • Is nationally recognized for its academic support systems, from professional content tutors (not students) to proven comprehensive support for students with learning differences

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