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Real World Education.

Real World Education.

Real World Education.

Nicolle Estrella, Senior Transfer

Leadership & Business Management/Hospitality & Tourism

One of the many reasons why senior Nicolle Estrella chose to transfer to Mitchell College as a junior was because of its professional connections for students.

“Hospitality and Tourism captured my attention. Mitchell has a great program and offers more classes and learning experiences in this area of study than my other school, connecting students to more real world activities.”

Nicolle cites the relevance of her favorite classes – such as Business and Hospitality Law and Banquet and Catering – to the industry in which she plans to make a career.

“In Business and Hospitality Law, I learned relevant business and legal concepts and applied them to a case study in class. My Banquet and Catering class combines a traditional campus class with hands-on practice.”

Nicolle is taking it one step further and putting her coursework into action at her current internship with DWP Events, a wedding and event planner in Norwich. Despite COVID-19 restrictions impacting the volume of weddings handled by the business, Nicolle has been able to participate virtually in some planning meetings with couples and vendors and complete many tasks in the office, which helps to round out her internship hours. At the weddings that are taking place, she puts her banquet and catering skills to use (wearing a mask, gloves and socially distancing), setting up buffet areas and serving guests.

 “I have always wanted to be a wedding and events coordinator. I am confident that with my internship experience and coursework, I can start my own business in the events industry, especially organizing weddings. I have also planned to get a job after my graduation in the hotel and tourism industry, either as a housekeeping manager or in the sales department.”

In addition to Mitchell’s academic offerings and career development, Nicolle counts numerous other reasons for transferring.

“I also chose Mitchell College because of its scholarships for transfer students and its small classes. Mitchell has a creative community with engaged and passionate professors who are always willing to help students reach their potential.”

Deep commitment to a positive student experience spans across the campus community and is practiced by faculty and staff alike.

Nicolle was guided through a seamless transfer process by the director of admissions.

 “Thanks to the help of , the transfer process was very smooth. He clearly answered all of my questions and made everything really easy.”


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