Senior Toast

Join us for an evening of reflection, shout-outs and advice for our Mitchell College 2020 Graduates! 

Staff, faculty and students are highly encouraged to attend in support and celebration of our graduating class. 

If you’d like to speak, please sign up using the provided links via the email you received for Virtual Grad Week!

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Decorate Graduation Caps

Share ideas, brainstorm and decorate your graduation caps together!

If you’ve already decorated your cap, please come show it off!

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Palm Readings with Sherri

Find a washable marker for this event to mark up your palm and follow along as Sherri provides insight and information!

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Grad Week Trivia Night

Help us kick off Virtual Grad Week by putting your knowledge to the test in our Grad Week Trivia Night! 

Participants have the opportunity to win Mitchell Alumni Swag and/or Gift Cards!

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#StayUnmuted- Stand Up, Speak Up, Follow Through!

Join New London City Councilor Kevin Booker, Jr. on Facebook live for a discussion on what it means to be a white ally and how to take steps to stand up, speak up and follow through!

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