Summer 2018

Join us for a Summer of The Arts, Science, Nature and Fun!

Explore the Arts, Science and Nature This Summer!

Nature meets the arts in this thoughtfully designed summer camp! Designed for children ages 5 to 12, the Arts & Nature Camp at Mitchell College blends the arts with science and the natural setting of woods, pond and shoreline in one of the most creative camps you will find in New London County.

Camp Philosophy

We believe that children are partners in their learning and that learning should be driven by each child’s unique curiosity. Your child’s unique interests will help shape the camp experience in this hands-on program. Throughout the summer your child will be exposed to new and exciting nature experiments, arts appreciation, exploration, and science.

Camp Dates

Camp runs weekly, from June 18 – August 17, Monday-Friday, and you may register your child(ren) for one week, every week, or something in between. Discounts available.
Half Day: 8am-1pm
Full Day: 8am-4pm
Extended Before Care: 7am-8am
Extended After Care: 4pm-6pm

Camp Rates

Full Day: $205 (8am-4pm)

Half Day: $145 (8am-1pm)

Extended Before Care: $10 per hour per child (7am-8am)

Extended After Care: $10 per hour per child (4pm-6pm)

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire

Join us for a Week or for the Summer as we explore the elements!

This year our summer curriculum will encompass the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Each week of camp will explore new concepts within the elements framework. Your child is invited to join us for a week, or for the summer!

Week 1: June 18-22

Create compost
Traveling nutrients
Plant a pizza garden

Week 2: June 25-29 

Design fairy houses/
gnome homes
Explore the woods,
pond, & beach
Nature scavenger hunt
Forts & shelters

Week 3: July 2-6 

Frogs, birds & insects
Tree & plant identification
Animal tracks
Clay & papier-mâché sculptures

Week 4: July 9-13

Experiment with melting & freezing
Nets at the beach
Design an underwater observatory

Week 5: July 16-20

Water purification/water systems
Boat regatta
Making paper
What does it take to make a rain barrel?

Week 6: July 23-27

Hot air balloons
Make and fly kites
How does a hoverboard work?

Week 7: July 30-Aug 3

Design miniature boats
Crazy bubbles
Painting with air
What’s gravity got to do with it?

Week 8: August 6-10

Make a solar oven
Candle making
Design & test a fire extinguisher
Experiment with a volcano

Week 9: August 13-17

Learn how to use woodburning tools
Wood sculptures
Exploring shadows
Making s’mores
End of summer bonfire

Need a summer option for children younger than 5?

The Children’s Learning Center at Mitchell College offers a rich experience for your  family with a teaching philosophy and hours that mirror those of the Arts & Nature Camp. Find out more and check availability at

Arts & Nature Camp at Mitchell College


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