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May MiniMester

(Mondays through Saturdays, May 15 – 27) = 12 class days

Three 10 minute breaks are built in to each class day. Last day to enroll in this term is May 16 at Noon.

Last day to withdraw from this term with a “W” grade is Friday, May 19.


3 credit class – $885
4 credit class – $1,180
6 credit internship – $1,770
12 credit internship – $3,540

Additional Costs

Room and Board for residents: $675

Room and Board for residents from the end of spring semester finals to the beginning of May MiniMester on May 15 is $300. This break housing is available by application only here.

Students needing BLC assistance in the May Term will have an additional cost of: $500



800-443-2811 Text questions to: 860-910-1052


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Course Title Instructor Time Notes Description
CJ331 Criminal Justice Research Methods (4 cr) Van Kirk 8:00am - 1:00pm Course will provide students with a general review of quantitative methods in criminal justice applications. Topics covered will include the graphical displays of data, units of analysis, levels of measurement, measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability and hypothesis testing. Statistical techniques, including comparison of means and proportions, correlation and linear regression, will be employed to analyze data drawn from the discipline.
CO103 Effective Presentations Pinkham 1:00pm-4:30pm required core class This course is designed to increase your effectiveness as a communicator and presenter by emphasizing critical thinking, careful research, organization, and delivery strategies. NOTE: A minimum grade of Cis required to meet graduation requirements.
CW102 College Writing & Research McDonald 8:30am - Noon required core class This course reinforces the skills taught in CW101 while introducing students to the procedures of academic and professional research. Assignments will emphasize writing to analyze and synthesize ideas, information literacy skills for finding and evaluating appropriate sources, and proper documentation of sources. This is a writing intensive (WI) course, requiring students to submit a minimum of 15 pages of revised and edited text in finished form including a fully documented research paper. NOTE: A minimum grade of C- is required to meet graduation requirements and to enroll in 200-level or above English courses.
EL212 Children's Literature Adler 8:30am - Noon Meets EL requirement Introduces students to historical, global, and contemporary issues presented in literature that is written for children. Literature appropriate for pre-k children through sixth grade, with a focus on the characteristics of children’s literature, particularly multicultural literature. The course will not specifically address how to teach this literature to young children, but it will focus on gaining an understanding as well as an appreciation for literature created for children. This course meets the literature requirement for all.
GV119 American Government & Politics Stephenson Mon-Fri (this is the only class running during Mon-Fri) – 5:00 – 9:00pm (Prerequisites: CW101 or permission of the instructor. GV119 is a survey course covering the organization of national, state, and local governments. Students will explore the three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial). Students will also evaluate themes in Federalism, Civil Liberties, Political Parties, and selected public policy issues. Essential questions concerning the role of an informed citizenry in a representative democracy will be stressed. Active participation in the government processes will be encouraged through special projects. A historical perspective will be taken.
HI105 US History I O'Leary 8:30 - Noon Meets History or Humanities requirement History of the United States to 1865 is an introductory survey course which covers the colonial period followed by a study of the confederation, constitutional and early national periods. Such topics as governmental development, territorial expansion, abolitionism, women’s rights and the growth of political parties will be discussed. The final section of the course will cover the Civil War and the impact this traumatic event had upon the U.S. society.
HU315 People/Places: New London O'Donnell 8:30am - Noon meets MA requirement Prerequisites: CW102, CO103 The course is designed as an exploration of the humanities-history, art and architecture, literature, music, etc.-presented through a look at the characters and events that shaped New London, Connecticut. The stories of the past set the stage for the city of today. Students will step where history was made, to connect the past to the present, and to defne their own beliefs. Students will need to arrange their own transportation to class meetings at the of campus sites. There will be a course fee or admission fees that are of set by the course not requiring a textbook.
MA104 Math for Liberal Arts Peterson 1:00pm - 4:30pm Meets MA requirement Prerequisites: MA102, MA103 or by placement. MA104 is designed for students who will not pursue science or business careers. It covers logic, set theory, sets of numbers, summations, summation notation, functional notation, permutations, combinations, and, time allowing, other topics such as the mathematics of fnance and mathematics and art.
PE119 Waterfront Activities Peretz 1:00pm - 4:30pm Meets PE requirement This course offers students an introduction to the waterfront sports of kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding and allows students to work on their strength and balance while fostering a lifelong enjoyment of the water.
SC199 Special Topic: The Citizen Scientist (4 cr) Treadway 8:30am - 1:30pm Meets Lab Science requirement Curious about the world around you? Like to ask questions and get answers? You can be a citizen scientist! This course is loaded with hands on experiences - find out if hand sanitizers work, what’s in your food, how drugstore items claim to keep you “healthy”, and the many other ways science takes place around you every day. No textbook – we’ll use online and public domain resources. This course fulfills the Lab Science requirement for Life & Physical Sciences and the Social Responsibility requirement for the General Education secondary requirements.
SO230 Social Issues Via Media Brailey 8:30am - Noon Contemporary social issues will be explored and analyzed through the lens of Media Satire. Selected social issues will include: stratification, inequality within society, politics, environmentalism, terrorism, technology as an agent of socialization, gender roles, race relations, health and disease, and ageism. These and other social issues will be critically examined through various forms of media satire applied within contemporary popular culture.


Internship Title Instructor Time Notes
BS340 Behavioral Science Internship I (3 cr) Perry Arranged Must have prior permission
BS440 Behavioral Science Intership II (3 cr) Perry Arranged Must have prior permission
BU412 Sm Business Capstone Brindamour Arranged Must have prior permission
BU420 ECE/Business Internship (6 cr) Brindamour Arranged Must have prior permission
BU425 Business Internship I (3 cr) Brindamour Arranged Must have prior permission
BU426 Business Internship II (3 cr) Brindamour Arranged Must have prior permission
CJ262 CJ Soph Field Experience (3 cr) Myers Arranged Must have prior permission
CJ362 CJ Junior Field Experience (3 cr) Myers Arranged Must have prior permission
CJ442 CJ Senior Field Experience (6 cr) Myers Arranged Must have prior permission
CO443 Senior Fieldwork (3 cr) Ward Arranged Must have prior permission
CO483 Comm Internship (6 cr) Ward Arranged Must have prior permission
HT250 Hosp/Tour Soph Internship (3 cr) Braley Arranged Must have prior permission
HT350 Hosp/Tour Junior Internship (3 cr) Forcier Arranged Must have prior permission
HT450 Hosp/Tour Senior Internship I (6 cr) Forcier/Braley Arranged Must have prior permission
HT451 Hosp/Tour Senior Internship II (6 cr) Forcier/Braley Arranged Must have prior permission
LS450 LPS Internship I (3 cr) Mauro Arranged Must have prior permission
LS451 LPS Internship II (3 cr) Mauro Arranged Must have prior permission
SM210 Sport/Fitness Practicum (3 cr) Kresge Arranged Must have prior permission
SM450 Sport/Fitness Internship (6 cr) Roberts Arranged Must have prior permission
SM451 Sport/Fitness Internship (12 cr) Roberts Arranged Must have prior permission

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