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Diversity and Inclusion

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Mitchell College Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Tolerance is not enough.

It is our collective responsibility to purposefully create a culture of diversity and inclusion on campus.

Mitchell College embraces equality, works toward equity, values all human lives, and denounces acts of racism, discrimination, harassment and hate. We believe everyone – our students, faculty and staff – has the ability to play a part in thoughtfully and deliberately modeling a better and more just world.

We strive to move beyond tolerance and instill in our students an awareness and appreciation for the innate powers of our differences in race, beliefs, learning styles, identity, convictions or cultures.

Fear, ignorance and disconnection from each other divides us. Recognizing the value and wisdom of inclusion brings us together.  

There is beauty in all of our differences, a nobility of intentional diversity. Practicing empathy for and seeking understanding of those unlike ourselves can be challenging. Yet with deliberative effort, great challenge yields great reward.

diversity and inclusion, Mitchell College
diversity and inclusion, Mitchell College
diversity and inclusion, Mitchell College


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