General Studies

Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences

The Associate of Arts in General Studies focuses on Workplace Readiness, combining traditional courses in liberal education — such as literature, history and social sciences — with the necessary hard and soft skills to prepare students for the workplace. 

Program Overview

The General Studies program prepares students by:

    • Developing and practicing their soft skills —
      • leadership
      • critical and creative thinking
      • communication and collaboration
      • analysis and problem-solving
    • Acquiring and honing their hard skills —
      • writing
      • reading comprehension
      • verbal communication
      • technology readiness
    • Creating a foundation for —
      • Satisfying careers in social services, business administration, marketing, healthcare, retail services and other business sectors
      • Advanced, professional credentialing through Mitchell’s Digital Innovation Hub
      • Pursuing a four-year degree
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    What You Will Learn

    The General Studies program prepares you to:

    • Use critical analysis to identify and solve problems
    • Think critically and creatively, understanding issues from multiple perspectives, especially ones that are different from your own
    • Demonstrate effective verbal, written, oral, visual communication and technology skills

    The Mitchell Difference

    Earning an A.A. in General Studies with a Focus on Workplace Readiness at Mitchell College requires a combination of coursework and experiential learning built around our Abilities Model. This skills-based learning approach includes the following: First-Year Experience, Integrative Career Development, Major curriculum and exploratory electives. Every program at Mitchell offers unique opportunities to our broad spectrum of students for their educational, occupational and lifestyle pursuits.

    Based on employer surveys conducted as part of NACE’s 2022 Job Outlook report, this Associate’s degree will focus on four of the seven Mitchell Abilities:

      1. Critical and Creative Thinking — gain confidence to generate new and useful ideas, but also reflect on personal values and experiences 
      2. Communication — learn to foster positive and professional relationships
      3. Analysis and Problem Solving — learn to identify, analyze and solve problems to contribute to the work being done
      4. Diversity and Global Perspectives — understand the way each person interacts with the world and how it correlates with one’s own identity, culture and personal experiences

    The program also features:

    • Hands-on learning across the curriculum, allowing students to explore, retain and experiment within the field of study
    • Wraparound supports that offer resources and promote community-building within the learning process, not typical for two-year programs
    • Specializations, through electives, allowing students deeper learning experiences in their chosen areas of focus, including:
      • Business Administration
      • Healthcare
      • Social Services
      • Retail Services
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    Career Pathways

    The General Studies with a Focus on Workplace Readiness program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in:

    • Business
    • Healthcare
    • Marketing
    • Social Services
    • Retail
    • Many other sectors

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