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Our degree programs have three parts. You will take courses in general education to help you develop the ability to think critically, to appreciate cultures other than your own, to write clearly and persuasively, and how to contribute to society. Courses in your major will assist you to master the area you have chosen to pursue in depth. Elective courses are free choices in areas in which you have an interest, or courses which can strengthen your major program.

Below is a list of our Academic Departments. Click on a department to see what degrees it has to offer. You can also click here to view the Course Catalog.

Behavioral Sciences

The Human Development & Family Studies program at Mitchell focuses on how people grow, develop, and change during the course of their lives.

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When you study business at Mitchell, you’ll gain knowledge and skills valued by the business community and receive a well rounded education via a strong liberal arts program foundation.

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Communication Arts

The Communication program at Mitchell College is an interdisciplinary major that provides students with entry-level skills in written, oral, interpersonal and visual communication.

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One of the most comprehensive and dynamic programs at Mitchell College, the Early Childhood Education program offers both the Associate and Bachelor degrees.

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Hospitality & Tourism

Mitchell College’s bachelor’s degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management is designed to prepare students for a broad range of managerial roles across the hospitality and tourism industry.

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Law & Justice Policy Studies

Mitchell College offers degree programs in the fascinating and rapidly-changing field of Criminal Justice.

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Liberal & Professional Studies

Mitchell’s program in Liberal & Professional Studies is geared towards students who value independent thought, diversity and flexibility.

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Life Sciences

Course content is drawn from biology, chemistry, environmental science, psychology, and applicational fields like exercise science and the behavioral sciences.

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Sport & Fitness Management

The bachelor degree in the Sport & Fitness Management Department offers academic preparation in the specialized areas of Sport Management, Physical Education,Recreation Administration, Health & Fitness Management, Sport Communication

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Humanities plays an integral role in the Liberal Arts foundation of the College by offering exposure to many disciplines, developing critical thinking, offering global perspectives, and exploring values and ethics.

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We also offer a One Year, Post-Grad/Pre-College Certificate Program from Thames Academy.

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A few words on fit.


"Fit” is the modern buzzword of the college search process. And frankly, rightly so. As you consider your college experience, we encourage you to look for a place that feels right. It’s also a good idea to make a list of the qualities and characteristics that make a college and you a winning combination.


If you are looking for a college that: 


  • Gets to know and understand each student as a uniquely talented individual
  • Identifies potential and encourages students in very intentional ways
  • Fosters growth in each student, giving them a foundation for life and career success
  • Is small enough to deliver on the promise of a personalized experience
  • Goes beyond “career services” and offers a progressive 4-year career development model, partnering with local businesses and nonprofits for professional experience
  • Promotes an inclusive culture that encourages students to experiment in new clubs and activities
  • Is nationally recognized for its academic support systems, from professional content tutors (not students) to proven comprehensive support for students with learning differences
  • Connects students to service opportunities that impact their world
  • Is in a location that offers access to New England’s natural places and some of America’s greatest cities




…Mitchell College delivers in a powerful way.

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