On Sunday, April 30, students in the Mitchell College Behavioral Sciences Club and Psychology of Women class will present the 9th annual Dove Self-Esteem Workshop for girls and their adult female mentors.

“Girls face more pressure than ever to fit the stereotypically defined image of beauty:  physical perfection. Through this workshop, we can help change the way girls perceive these images by engaging them and their adult female mentors in positive, thought-provoking discussions and activities,” says Behavioral Sciences Assistant Professor and Club Co-Advisor, Jennifer Mauro.

The ninety-minute program begins at 10:30 a.m. on the first level of the Nathan Hale classroom building and is designed to promote self-esteem in girls partly through educating girls about a wider definition of beauty. The curriculum is provided by the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, and the workshop will be led by current Mitchell College students.

“The workshop benefits students by allowing them to draw on their course-related knowledge of feminine psychology while making a difference in the lives of young girls through a community service project,” says Dr. Tara Broccoli, Behavioral Sciences Department Chair and Club Co-Advisor.

Behavioral Science Club President and Psychology student, Sophie Spiller, shares her thoughts on the Dove Self-Esteem Workshop.  “Having facilitated for the last three years, I have seen first-hand the importance of teaching these young girls what real beauty is. Through interaction with their mentors and peers, they leave with a better sense of self. This workshop helps eliminate unrealistic expectations of girls and women, which is extremely important for their self-confidence.”

The workshop is free and open to girls between the ages of 8 and 12 accompanied by an adult female mentor.  RSVP is recommended.  To register, please call 860-701-7719, or email mauro_j@mitchell.edu. The Nathan Hale building is located on the main campus at Mitchell College between Montauk and Pequot Avenues. Guests are asked to park on Montauk Avenue or in the Pequot Avenue lot.